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3D Art

Students will design original art using paper, paper clay, wire, wood, collage, found objects, textiles, weaving and clay.

  3D Art- $12/class  minimum suggested donation   Teacher: Pam Boone                                                          

3D Art- $12/class  minimum suggested donation

Teacher: Pam Boone                                                          

If you have an unexcused absence, you may turn in extra credit to get those points back. Make or draw a three dimensional creation. Bring it to class. If it’s too big to transport, send me a photo.

September 13, 2017

September 20, 2017

September 27, 2017

I'm so glad we can do the 3D class! We are starting off with the Dragon Eye magnet project for ComiCon. We will probably do this for a couple more weeks.
Remember to let me know if you need to miss a class.
Please let me know if you are able to change our class time as per Engrade message.

October 4, 2017

October 11, 2017

Thank you all for doing such a great job on the Dragon Eyes! We will do some painting on them this week and begin a new project!

October 18, 2017


October 25, 2017

Thank you for all your help on the Dragon Eyes! We may revisit that project before the Book Festival.
We are making headway on our wire/nylon sculptures. Please be on time so you will be able to get more work done on your projects. Class starts at 1:10. You will lose points for being late.

November 1, 2017

November 8, 2017

November 15, 2017

Way to persevere with those tricky balloon animals;) We will continue with these when we meet on Nov 29.
Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!!

November 29, 2017

December 6, 2017

December 13, 2017

January 10, 2017

January 17, 2017

January 24, 2017

The balloon sculptures are finished and waiting to be displayed at the Art Show in May!
Our Masking tape shoes are coming along. We will finish these in two more classes.
In February, we’ll return to the Dragon Eyes once more. They will be going to the Book Festival!

January 31, 2017

February 7, 2017

February 14, 2017

February 28, 2017

March 7, 2017

March 14, 2017

March 21, 2017

Nice job designing a shoe with masking tape! You will have time to finish these in the weeks to come. Some of them need a bit of glue to secure the tape.
For the next few weeks we will be exploring Tie Dye and other fabric dyeing techniques. Please bring a t shirt or two to try some of the methods we’ll look at.
Fine Arts Festival is coming up in May! All of your artwork will be displayed in real Art Gallery style! You will need to collect your artwork from the festival. I will let you know more about that in class.

March 28, 2017

April 4, 2017

April 11, 2017

April 18, 2017

April 25, 2017

May 2, 2017