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The following link is the link to the Acrobatics Video channel. Clicking on it will allow you to view all the acro videos. Acrobatics Channel

hello students!  here is something to keep you inspired to work hard!

Hi Acro students!  here is a cool video link to excite and motivate you!

Hello Students!  

The link below contains valuable exercises to strengthen your legs, ankles, feet, and core.   Please do these at least once a week.   Keep your tummy in, back straight, and shoulders down.  Acro students (and others for extra credit!):  be sure to include push ups, planks, tricep dips, sit ups or crunches or V-ups, wall sit, headstands, and walk in bridge when ready.   

Remember to stretch too (after you warm up):   pike, straddle, deep lunges, butterfly, jazz splits, full splits, and bridges (w/ straight arms!   rock and roll afterward).   

Do your workout to your favorite music so it will be more enjoyable.   Happy workout! :) 

Preview YouTube video Ballet Barre WarmupBallet Barre Warmup