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Advanced Latin

Course Change for the Advanced Latin section

October 17, 2016

Dear Parents of Advanced Latin students:

This is to confirm what you may have suspected: students in Advanced Latin are not at the advanced level. This is not do to a failure on the part of students or parents, but because self-study curricula do not adequately train the mind to think in the patterns required by Latin.

We apologize for this reorganization, but have decided that the fiction that there was anyone at the Advanced level simply put undue stress on students to perform beyond their true capabilities. 

In order to better equip students to master Latin, effective October 24, 2016, the Advanced Latin class will be merged with Beginning Latin and will become Latin 1, which will meet from 9-11:00am on Mondays. 

Students will continue working from the Oxford Latin Course Part I, which will prepare them to read, write, and understand Latin as they would any other foreign language, requiring only a dictionary for a new word. We should advance into Oxford Latin Course Part II this semester, as anticipated. This will equip students with the skills necessary to sit the National Latin Exam Level I in March. Their transcript scores will reflect their actual knowledge levels. 

For the rest of the semester Mrs Carda will be available from 11:00-12.30 Mondays in the classroom at Thornydale Family Church. Your students may do their Latin homework at that time, so that the schedule change need not upset your original travel arrangements.