Quest for Education and Arts

Angelica Ewing


Director of Financial Development


Angelica Ewing

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Angelica has a love for finance, spreadsheets, collecting & maintaining data and helping families who have the goal to direct their children’s education.  In January 2017, she took the role of Financial Development Director with Quest for Education and Arts because they offer parents the freedom to choose the classes they want in determining their children’s educational journey from preschool through 12th grade.  Because there is a choice like this, Angelica wants to help make sure it is a viable option to all in the Tucson Community.  She is doing this through implementation of fundraising programs, corporate sponsorship, advertising sales and working with families on family accounts while overseeing and accounting for all revenue streams inside and outside of Quest.

She attended community college for two years in Arizona and Texas while being mentored in business management and sales.  She has experience in office management, banking, other non-profit leadership roles as well as home educating two children for the last 8 years.

Angelica has been married to Chris Ewing, an Engineering Director, for 27 years.  Thankfully, Angelica loves traveling since they have moved several times for Chris’s career living in Dallas, Texas; Austin, Texas; Brentwood, Tennessee; and now Oro Valley, Arizona while raising four children, educating them through public, private and home school.