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Teacher: Ed Moody

Textbook: none needed


Praise God for His sovereignty in this tumultuous election season. Remember that despite the craziness of the election:

1. Our citizenship is still in heaven.

2. God is still on His throne and is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent.

3. The Bible is still inerrant and absolute.

4. Prayer is still heard by our Lord.

5. The cross is our salvation, NOT the Government.

6. There is still grace and mercy given freely by our Lord.

7. Jesus will always be there, for those that are called to Him, never forsaking us.


Looking forward to our discussion next week of

PREDESTINATION (The foreordaining of those that are saved and those that are not, by God) and FREE WILL (The ability to choose salvation in heaven by accepting the Lord individually), look up the following scriptures and  identify whether or not they are primarily used by Predestinationists or Free Will advocates AND WHY (in a sentence or two)

Galations 1:15

John 3:36

Romans 3:10-12

Psalm 16:9

Romans 8:28-31

Titus 2:11

Mark 8:34

1Corinthians 2:7

Isaiah 43:7

James 4:8

Ephesians 1:4-5

Job 23:14


Using the outline discussed in class, Articulate an exordium, narration, and partitio for a hypothetical essay on the concept of Just War - supporting or refuting it.

See hand out attached for a refresher if yours was mysteriously eaten by your pet iguana

As we are looking at the Biblical justification of Truth and Just War Theory, answer the following question in a short essay for class on Wednesday:


Biblical truth is absolute, and applicable in all arenas of life.  In your personal life, how does Biblical truth effect your daily decision making?

Thank the Lord that we have the opportunity to look into the Lord's word and discuss how to approach him.

As we discussed, attached is the Atheist Church Songs and Hand Raisinglinks for your viewing pleasure.

Also attached here is a follow up reading for next week.  Please annotate and be prepared to discuss St. Acquinas' 5 ways to prove there is a God.

Thank God for His mercy, for our Country, for QUEST, and for each and every one of you.