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Art Explore!

Teacher: Pam Boone

If you know you will be absent or have questions, you may text me (520)904-3112

Pre-K Art Explore!
Remember the fun we had with bubbles? You wore special gloves and held the bubbles! Then we drew bubbles, too! I loved your giraffe puppets! We read "Giraffes Can't Dance". Then we had fun making prints with finger paint. We celebrated Spring with a beautiful chalk pastel bird nest with tiny eggs inside. "The Red Umbrella" was a cute story. You used rubber stamps and colored pencil to put things under your umbrella!
Our last class will be Monday, May 1.
You will want to see the art projects that the other art students did. The Art Show will be in the evening on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, May 9 ,11 and 12 at Oro Valley Church of the Nazarene. The church is at 500 West Calle Concordia.
Please vote for art classes you hope to take next year!
Blessings, mrs. boone

March 15, 2017
Pre K Art Explore!
Wow! It's been a while since I have updated here. In the last few weeks we have done a LOT!! There was texture rubbings and 3 little houses. A photo holder and then WARM and COOL paintings for our weaving! Last week we decorated letters with yarn. Coming up: Bubbles and Giraffes!! See you soon:)
Blessings, mrs boone

Pre -K Art Explore!
Hello friends! Your soda bottle penguins turned out super cute!! I hope you found them a nice place to live at your house.
Last week we made all kinds of textures with rubbing plates and crayons. When you come back we will trace, cut and glue houses on our painted background! See you soon!
Blessings, mrs boone

Pre-K Art Explore!
Happy New Year, artists!! I hope you enjoyed your time off.  Last week we did a beautiful snowflake resist withblack permanent marker, white oil pastels and COOL watercolors! Your art was stunning!! Today we started our Penguin project! You all did a wonderful job painting the INSIDE of the bottle for the penguin and knit hat. Next week we will finish our penguin friends and you can take them home!
Blessings, mrs boone

Nov. 17, 2016
Pre-K Art Explore!

      What do you do with a hole in your paper? Well, it was interesting to see what the kids would do, too! Some drew around it. Some ignored it. Some included it in their drawing. Some colored "in" it! There was even a smiley face left behind on the paint mat:)
       Last week we worked on tracing. We're getting better at this skill! Overlapping circles, squares and triangles formed lots of new shapes that we could paint! So much FUN!
       Coming up-Color, color everywhere! We'll be using Play Doh, paints and even frosting to learn about mixing colors. (The cookies and frosting project will be on Dec. 12. This will be our last class before Christmas break.)
       No classes next week-Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Blessings, mrs boone

I am I need of 20 two liter soda bottles for a Pre K Art Explore! art project. Please bring empty, clean bottles to any art class. Thank you for helping!
Blessings, mrs boone

Pre-K Art Explore!

We have been using different media to learn about circles! Everyone is doing great with cutting, gluing and following directions! And taking home some beautiful works of art!! Tomorrow we will read about about imagination and do a project to try ours out. We will also help out on a collaborative piece of art that will be at the auction during the Quest Fall Gala on Nov. 11. I hope you will plan on attending! I will have a Christmas card making booth starting at 4:00. Donations to Quest are appreciated.

Blessings, mrs boone

October 13, 2016
Pre-K Art Explore!

So far we have been learning about LINE! We made googly eyed monsters out of our linepainting and read a fun book about some very active monsters! Everyone enjoyed the glitter watercolor paint butterflies! So sparkly!
This week we made paper strips into different kinds of lines and glued them on a party hat!!

Next week we will start learning about shapes with dots and circles! See you then!
Blessings, mrs boone

Pre-K Art Explore! Sept. 24, 2016
Welcome to Pre-K ArtExplore!  We started off painting lines!  Lines of all kinds!  We also practiced cutting with scissors and using glue bottles. "Just a dot-Not a lot."
Remember to be safe when using scissors!
(Aprons are available at the front desk for a donation to Quest)
Blessings, mrs boone