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If you know you will be absent or have questions, you may text me (520)904-3112

Your paper mache crayons/pencils are super!! You are so creative! The 10:00class did some lovely tissue paper on texture plate collage. They are so nice! The 11:00 did some carvings with bars of soap. They even did some science and microwaved the soap- way cool! Your printmaking and chalk pastel projects turned out well, too!
The Art Show will be in the evening on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, May 9 ,11 and 12 at Oro Valley Church of the Nazarene. The church is at 500 West Calle Concordia.
Please vote for art classes you hope to take next year!
Blessings, mrs. boone

It has been a while since I updated here. We have done two projects with yarn. One was weaving on burlap and the other was the heart shaped box decorated with yarn. Your paper bag trees turned out so well! I enjoyed making those. Papier-mâché was messy, wasn't it? The crayons and pencils turned out great. Next week we will finish them. You will get to name your color! We still have printmaking coming up and a project with chalk pastels to name a few.
Blessings, mrs boone

The penguins on snow turned out so well!! The older kids' color rhythm project is very nice! You are all so creative!!
We have begun our unit on weaving. The weaving on burlap is going well. The twig weaving- not so much. I have discovered that the twine we were using to warp our looms is just not right. A cotton string works much better! I apologize for everyone's frustration. Lesson learned: start with a stable foundation or your hard work will be lost. (Matt 7:24-27)
Let's begin anew when we meet again.
Blessings, mrs boon

Happy New Year!  I hope you enjoyed your time off.  You have been working hard on color mixing. Last week you used Primary colors to mix secondary and tertiary colors. I found it a little difficult to keep the colors organized without seeing them in a circle. How about you?  This week we will create movement in our composition by using repetition.  Next week we will begin weaving!
Blessings, mrs boone

Nov. 17, 2016

         The Lady Liberty Fireworks projects look spectacular! Everyone did a fabulous job drawing Lady Liberty, whether you drew her head (10:00) or the entire statue (11:10).
          Next, we created robots and used fluorescent acrylics to paint them. These will be displayed with blacklights for the Art Show.
          Coming up-Color! We'll be learning some basic color theory in the weeks before and after Christmas. (Color mixing with frosting will be Dec. 13. This will be our last class before Christmas break.)
           No classes next week-Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Blading so, mrs boone

I am I need of 20 two liter soda bottles for a Pre K Art Explore! art project. Please bring empty, clean bottles to any art class. Thank you for helping!
Blessings, mrs boone


Your radial symmetry projects turned out beautiful! This coming week we will start a Patriotic project for Veteran's Day.  The art projects that you make in class are stored until the Quest Fine Arts Festival in May. After the Art Show, you may take all of your art home.

We will also be working on a collaborative piece of art that will be at the auction during the Quest Fall Gala on Nov. 11. I hope you will plan on attending! I will have a Christmas card making booth starting at 4:00. Donations to Quest are appreciated.

Blessings, mrs boone

October13, 2016

You finished your Personal Puzzle Piece and Scratch Art project! This week we learned about Radial Symmetry and started our project. Next week we will continue this lesson. Oct. 25 is all about candy and sweets! Make sure you are allowed to EAT sweets before consuming the models:)

ARTcetera. Sept 24, 2016
Welcome to ARTcetera! We started off learning about LINE and making a cactus line drawing. They look spectacular after you painted with watercolors! Next week-a project "all about you".
(Aprons are available at the front desk for a donation to Quest.)
Blessings, mrs boone