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Senior Banquet and Baccalaureate celebration

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What is a Baccalaureate Celebration and why is it important?

Quest for Education and Arts offers a Senior Banquet and Baccalaureate Service

The baccalaureate service is a time of blessing for graduates. This service reflects God's impact in their lives up to this point and it is an opportunity to ask for His guidance for their future. This ceremony will include a formal sit-down dinner, a gratitude tribute from students to parents, a Baccalaureate Invocation, Candle-lighting Ceremony, Presentation of Blessing Bibles and Bookmarks, special music and Blessing of Graduates. The ceremony is non-denominational and everyone is welcome, regardless of whether you are schooled in a public or private setting or home schooled or may be graduating from college. Graduates, family members, as well as their guests are all invited. Special music will be commissioned to honor the class of 2018.  Those wanting a very personal time of acknowledgement of what God has done in their lives will find this to be an uplifting and inspiring evening. This does not replace graduation. 


this event will take place on THURsday, may 31st from 6-9pm at Catalina Foothills Church- 2150 E Orange Grove, Tucson 85718.  This banquet and ceremony will be free of charge and provided as a community service to graduates and their parents.



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This is an opportunity for the student and parent to display student accomplishments. Students will be given a table/display space for any personal items thy would like to put out.

Last year, students brought awards, photographs, art work, computer/ipad displays, trophies, etc. This can be set up anytime on the day of the event.


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Graduate Photos

Cherish your graduates special day with some amazing photos. Let Syria Sanchez capture your graduate's personality in a very special photography session. There are several options to suit your family's needs.



Quest will offer the opportunity to parents to present their students with their diploma and to recognize their achievement of completing high school. This opportunity is open to all students who wish to participate in a ceremony provided by Quest for Education and Arts.

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Our graduation is designed to be a simple and elegant ceremony reflecting what parents would like to provide for their students. Parents will be given the opportunity to create a slideshow, video or presentation that reflects the messages and lessons they would like to pass along to their graduate.

Quest will provide caps, gowns and stolls. You will be allowed to keep your cap and tassel and stoll. Quest will also provide honors cords and medallions for those graduating with emphasis in a certain area of study.

New this year: Students who have maintained a high degree of acadmic excellence will be given the opportunity to graduate with emphasis in their selected fields of academic study. Those students completing those requirements will receive cords and medallions that reflect their accomplishments. Please see the link below for requirements.

Graduation with Emphasis in Various Disciplines


Available to those students who have participated in Quest for Education and Arts during high school and choose to participate in the Quest Baccalaureate and / or graduation ceremonies.   These are the requirements as set forth by Quest for Education and Arts and exist to show that the student has taken concentrated studies in these areas and has excelled in each discipline in which a cord is awarded.  Please note the medallions require a greater contribution to the discipline in order to be awarded.   The value of graduation with an emphasis in one or more areas comes through awards and scholarships at colleges, higher acceptance rates in honors colleges and greater rates of ability to pass CLEP and AP exams for college credit.    Additionally, employers recognize graduates who have maintained a core focus throughout high school and will occasionally count this as work credit and experience when considering employment.  We encourage all high school students to make an effort to graduate with an emphasis in an area they enjoy and want to pursue as a career. Below are the various areas and their requirements: