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Ballet Technique / Pointe

Teacher: Amy Stahlman

Please continue working on your variations and prayerfully consider participating in Quest Connects, Friendship Villas, Dec. 16, 2:00, dressed and ready to go at 1:30.  Building 5.  Please sign up on quest website under community.  Thank you!  Have a great weekend!  

Kitri variation from don Quiote.  Rough draft:). Please review!  Great class everybody:)

Spanish variation from the Nutcracker!

Monday class:

Assembly over and under.  Explained.  Also reviewed bourees, pirouettes from 5th and the Kitri, from Don Quixote, beginning big jump.  Great class today!  View this link

Review previous yellow box videos!! Keep stretching and doing core exercises!

Stretch, do core exercises, review cats/ Tchaikovsky pas de deux female variation.  Print out and fill out worksheet!!!!!!!!! :( 5 pts.  :) Younger level continue practicing plié, shashe pas de Bourne, releve, 4 th single turn :)

Girls keep reviewing these pieces.  Tchkovsky pas de deux female variation as well as the  cats one from last week.  Review the steps but also the music over and over again!  Dinner theater is Nov.  11 th and may be a great performance opportunity if the pieces are super polished!!

View This Video

Cats Variation! Please review!

Review waltz turn and Tchaikovsky pas de deux female variation.  Keep stretching!!     View this Video

Great week!  Please review Sissone and en de hor and en de dan turns. Also keep reviewing the Tchaikovsky pas de deux female variation.

Keep stretching and core work.  Print out chart and keep track!  File it next class to get shopping credit.  

Remember, the first block necessary for dance is correct posture and alignment.  Practice good posture even when you are not dancing.

Tchaikovsky pas de deux female variation

Today we reviewed syllabus, attire and core and stretching exercises.  We did a shortened barre, center and learned Tchaikovsky pas de deux female variation.  The 3-4 pm class will start learning this variation next week.  It is attached for everyone to review.  Great day!  Keep stretching and working on core:)

Monday, September 12

Today’s class consisted of going over the syllabus, attire, hair, performance opportunities, setting personal goals and not comparing, Quest Connects shows and point opportunities to go “shopping.”  We also reviewed stretches and core strengthening exercises which will help them become “strong like Russian bull” for ballet class.  I will attempt to attach pictures I took of students during the class to help remind them of what the exercises are so they can do them at home.  

Keep stretching and doing those exercises!  They will help so much:)  At least 3X a week.  Minimum for shopping credit and to get results:)

Sit ups!  I recommend trying to do 100.  If you “feel the burn” and need a break take it, but keep going!  Younger dancers may have less repetitions, no worries, just feel and engage those muscles!

Push ups with knee bends.  I don’t have a pic, but it is 2 push ups with your best form, hold the plank and bend your knees to almost touch the floor and then straighten, two times.  Repeat this 5 sets if possible.

Cobra:  Place hands close to the rib cage and elbows in and up to the ceiling.  Tighten legs to be one “cobra tail.”  Engage seat muscles, leg muscles and feel tops of feet on the floor.  Lengthen head out of shoulders first and lift up.  Try not to press on your hands.  Take 5 slow counts to get up, hold and grow for 5-10 counts and slowly down for 5.

In this one, the goal is to practice engaging the muscles in the leg and seat.  To start, lengthen the working leg longer than the non working leg.  The reach and length is what lifts the leg.  Keep reaching the leg like someone was pulling it as you lift it.  Keep both hips on the floor.  Do for a slow 10 count up and slow 5 count down.

Double bow pose:  in this one, start with knees together and on the floor.  Pull on the feet and lift the legs up while lifting the head up.  Try doing for a slow 10-15 count up and slow 5 count down.  Don’t hold your breath.  Keep breathing:)

Reach arms away from you and feet away like someone was pulling them.  Lift up like a 747 taking off! Keep up on the lifting of legs and chest.  10-15 slow count up and slow 5 count down.

Stretching.  This is a good way to start to stretch the hamstring.  Interlace fingers over head, engage stomach,lift up and over to grab foot.  Knee can bend if you need. As stretching try to straighten knee or just breathe.  

Beginning stretch for right and left leg splits.  Remember to keep hips square, knee to the ceiling and baby toe towards the carpet.

Straddle stretch.  Knees up to the ceiling, arches up to the ceiling.  

Wall stretch:  Just let gravity do the work.  Try to relax the hips.  Try to stay in for 3 min.  Don’t over do it.  Carefully, inch away from wall as you come out of it.  

As with anything, if you feel any “ bad pain”  sharp or pulls that is not like a stretching sensation gently come out of the stretch and avoid that one.  If a stretch is just crazy painful, like you want to jump off a cliff rather than be in it, ease up on the stretch a bit.  It has to be doable.  Do core work first then stretch.