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Beginning Violin Monday

This class is available to students who have just started violin or who have about 1 year of experience. This is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of violin, including note reading, rhythm, proper violin technique and love of music. This class is taught by one to Tucson's best violin teachers. Daily practice is expected and incentives will be provided. Students will be required to perform as a group in the Fine Arts Festival held in May 2017

  Beginning Class Violin    $15/  weekly classminimum suggested donation   Teacher: Kathryn Harpainter                                                          

Beginning Class Violin    $15/weekly classminimum suggested donation

Teacher: Kathryn Harpainter                                                          

How to get onto Yellow box for notes:

September 11, 2017

Music Rules:

  1. Treat Instruments and materials with care
  2. Don't play, sing, or talk unless asked to
  3. Raise your hand to ask questions
  4. Be kind and respectful of others
  5.  Follow directions immediately
  6.  Always practice (30 minutes a day except for Sunday's)

If you are not able to follow these rules you will be dropped from the class.
Always Bring:

  1. Violin/bow/rosin/shoulder rest to class
  2. Music
  3. Binder
  4. Pencil
  5. Notebook

Violin Care:

  •  Never leave it in the car (even if it is cool outside, or you will be right back)
    • Damaged or stolen
  • Open flat on the floor or chair
  • Clean violin after playing on it
  • Always keep your violin with you or in the case when in class

When you aren't playing you need to be in rest position 

Bow Care:

  • Loosen the bow before putting away
  • Tighten before playing (always make sure there is a bend in the bow)
  • Rosin every day

Parts of the violin:

  •  Scroll, nut, pegs, strings (G,D,A,E), Fingerboard, neck, F holes, Bridge, Front, Back, Tail piece, chin rest, fine tuners, shoulder rest

Parts of the Bow:

  • Stick, hair, frog, frog eye, screw, tip, wrapping, rosin

How to hold the violin:

  • Stand tall (Don't reach for it)
  • With your chin (chin on the chin rest)
  • Violin against your neck (no space between violin and neck) 

How to hold the bow:

  • Balance the bow (don't grip)
  • Use the tip of your pinky
  • Bow should be straight between the bridge and the fingerboard
  • Pull your bow straight down and up to keep your bow straight
  • Games (bow only): Balance the bow, spider crawl up and down the bow, pinky push ups, Simon says
  • Down bows and Up bows


  •  Water spider: bow is slipping and sliding over the strings
  • Gold Fish: Bow is straight but the sound is on the surface
  • Seal: Sound stops and goes
  • Angry Hypo: Crunches because you are pressing too hard with your bow arm
  • Tuna: Perfect sound, rich ringing sound, straight bow


  • Quarter note = 1 beat
  • Half note = 2 beats
  • Dotted half note = 3 beats
  • rests


  • E street
  • A street
  • D street
  • G street

If there's time:

  • Bow Down,  O Belinda
  • Under arrest
  • Jim Along Josie
  • Down up

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