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Brace Barber


Brace has walked the halls of West Point, worn out jungle boots in the U.S. Army and toiled with the non-stop to-do lists of companies he has co-founded and built. Over the past 30 years he has had the privilege of experiencing and learning lessons from the challenges, victories and the defeats associated with military service and as a business owner.

Brace didn’t know Jesus until he was saved at the age of 27. He was a skeptic. Before he was saved, Brace was successful in the world’s eyes, but making a mess of things in his personal life.

Brace strives to serve in a simple, transparent manner for the good of those he encounters in a way that brings honor to Christ Jesus. Brace teaches and consults with churches, pastors, groups and conferences about the leadership characteristics and strategy necessary to immediately stem the loss of youth from the faith. His ministry includes high-level teaching to large groups and roll-up-your-sleeves planning and strategy sessions with pastors and small leadership teams.

God has blessed Brace with a wonderful wife and three great kids that he gets to enjoy every day.


Brace is the author of the books: TESTED: A New Strategy for Keeping Kids in the Faith, (2018) Sun Tzu’s Pattern of Power, The Art of War Organized for Decision Making, (2011). No Excuse Leadership, Leadership Lessons of the U.S. Army’s Elite Rangers. (2004)