Quest for Education and Arts

Caroline Atwood


Supplies manager


caroline atwood

Caroline is the Supplies Manager for Quest for Education and Arts. Caroline came to join Quest by suggestion from a friend and she is now an officer on the team. There are multiple reasons Caroline enjoys working for Quest, one reason is the vision that Becky has for parents and their children, it is inspiring for her, and she hopes one day, when she has children of her own to enroll them in Quest. Caroline also enjoys the Christ centered focus that Quest has, getting to serve with others of the same mindset is something that is a blessing for her. Some previous experiences in her life includes working in a kitchen that catered, she also taught dance and gymnastics to children ages 2-16 years of age for four years which includes dancing and performing for ten years herself, and she has experience working and taking care of children for multiple families including churches for childcare. Caroline has had the pleasure of going on a three month mission trip to Switzerland, she cooked, cleaned, and took care of the missionaries families so that the missionaries themselves could go out and minister to the community. She learned many valuable lessons on that trip, one main lesson she learned is that you could be a good servant, while also being a good leader, and she has carried that lesson into every aspect of her life.

Outside of Quest, Caroline enjoys hiking the many mountains that there are in Tucson, she also likes taking bike rides and enjoys geocaching with her friends. Caroline has lived in Tucson for most of her life, except for two years in Washington state, she enjoys the many days of sunshine and especially the Monsoons in the summer time. Caroline is the youngest of three children, she lives at home with her parents and her grandmother.