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INSTRUCTOR: Jooyeon Hwang    ~   EMAIL:


Hello. Chorale, 

Here is some information for the next class.  

A. Assignment  

Please finish the sight -singing handout from last class. You need to write on solfege under each musical staff on the handout first. Then, you need to transpose into C Major. To do it, you should use your own staff paper and re-write each musical line by keeping the same time signature and rhythm except for PITCHES! (Because we transpose the original key: F Major into C Major) 

B. Singing Test  

The singing test will be held in the next class. You can use your own music folder. You will sing by yourself. The songs you have to prepare for are The Lord Bless You and Keep You by John Rutter and Cantar by Jay Althouse. During the test, you will sing your own part. (ex) if you are alto, sing alto part.  

The test is also the audition for a special duet during the Fine Arts Festival. 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

I will look forward to seeing you.

  1. Assignment 2 (Due. Jan 23)

Finish all the answers in the “Music Theory Workbook Chapter 2” and “Treble Clef Note Reading Packet.” Submit them to me next class.

  1. Print out the files, “Sight-singing Exercises #3,“Exercises #4,” “Bass Clef Packet,” andMusic Theory Workbook Chapter 3.”

Please make sure to bring them to class.


Thank you for your wonderful work today.  

Here are a few reminders: 

                    ·      Assignment 1:  

1)   Solfege #43 on the Sight-singing handout 

2)   Finish the questions on the handout (Chapter 1 The Keyboard and Treble Clef) 

·      Print out the files below and bring them to the class. 

1)   Sight-singing: Exercises #3 & Exercises #4

2)   Music Theory Workbook Chapter 2

3)   Treble Clef Note Reading Packet 

4)   Bass Clef Packet 

5) Updated Syllabus

Happy New Year!  

Before coming to the class on Monday, please print out the syllabusMusic Theory Workbook Chapter 1Sight-singing: exercises 1, exercises 2and the music, 'The Little Birch Tree.' 

See you on Monday! 

1.     Assignment

·      Answer #19 on the solfege sight-singing hand-out from last class

·      Due date: Dec. 5

·      If you miss it, you will earn zero.  

2.     Past Due Assignment  

If you haven’t shown me the assignment, you have to complete it by the last day of the class. You will get zero if you do not finish it. Please check the file below. The assignment was to answer numbers 4 to 6 in the solfege hand-out . 

3.     Christmas Event

·      Dec. 16 Friday @ 1:30pm

·      Friendship Villas (6505 N La Cholla Blvd) 

·      Christmas outfits, please wear something neat.

4.     Next Class Plan

Review sight singing 

Singing: The snow is falling 

Recorder test


Chorale Class Announcement 8 (11/26) 

1. Make-up Class 

  • NO CLASS ON Dec.12
  • Instead, the last class will be on Dec.15 @ 1:00pm 
  • Place: Grace Community Church (9755 N La Cholla Blvd)

2. Recorder Solo Contest 

  • Date: Dec. 5
  • Music: Play sheet #5 'Lion' 
  • Evaluation Criteria 
    • Play the exact pitch well/No mistakes: 4 pt 
    • Keep a steady tempo : 3 pt 
    • Musical expressions/Create musical phrases: 3 pt 
    • Total points will be 10. 

3. Singing/Sight-singing Contest

  • Date: Dec. 15 
  • Singing: 'Snow is Falling' : For this section, you don't have to memorize this piece. Just be able to sing your part.(30 pt)   
  • Sight--singing: You will have two sight-singing examples. The first one will be the one we practiced in class. The last one will be a new one but it will be in a similar style to the one in practice.(10 pt each)  

4. Next Class Plan 

  • Singing : Snow is Falling 
  • A brief recorder activity 
  • Sight-singing 
  • A minor scale using solfege 
  • Ear-training   
  • We will talk about the Christmas event!   

Date: 11/07

Announcement 7 

1.     Solo Audition

Thank you for your extra time to participate in the audition. Everyone did a wonderful job. I enjoyed every moment of listening to your beautiful voice, but it was very difficult for me to select just one person. So, I have decided to have two people sing the solo part together. Listed in alphabetical order: 

·      Vivian Flake 

·      Josh Thai

I am going to send an email to both of you for some details. Please check your email and let me know if you have any questions.

2.     Fall Gala Event

·      Date: Friday, November 11, 2016

·      Rehearsal: @03:20pm

·      Performance:@06:30pm

·      Place: Catalina Foothills Presbyterian Church  

       2150 E Orange Grove Rd., Tucson, AZ 85718 

·      Concert Attire: 

     Boys: a dress shirt with a tie and dark/black pants 

     Girls: black dress/skirt/pants with long sleeves (all black)  

·      A black Folder 

·      Music: Panis Angelicus, How Can I Keep From Singing

Date: 10/28

Announcement 6


1.     Solo Audition

In the Fall Gala Concert (Nov. 11), we will sing two songs, ‘How Can I Keep From Singing,’ ‘Panis Angelicus.’

Panis Angelicus will consist of Solo and choir parts. For solo, we will do solo audition on Nov. 7. You will earn 5 extra points when you take part in the solo audition. Please let me know if you want to do it by October 31.


2.     Recorder

All of you did a good job last Monday. However, there is always a room for improvement, huh? This time, I am going to give you solo recorder work. I will explain about it next class. Please don’t forget to bring your recorder!


3.     Next Class Plan

Sight Singing

Ear Training


Panis Angelicus

New Song! – I will provide your scores.

How Can I Keep From Singing

Date: 10/14/16

The Weekly Announcement 5

Next Class Plan (10/17/16), 

1.     Recorder Ensemble 

2.     Sight-singing/Ear-training

3.     Singing: There is None Like You/Panis Angelicus 

4.     Explanation of IPA and Lain Diction

Please don’t forget to bring your recorder! See you next week!  

Date: 10/3/16

The Weekly Announcement 4

At the beginning of the next class (10/10/16), we will discuss IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) briefly. You will understand the concept of IPA and how to pronounce it. We should have gone over this today. I am sorry about that. 

For the rest of the time in the class, there will be two sections: a Latin word quiz and reciting the song, ‘How can I keep from singing.’ 

The Latin word quiz: 

It will comprise 10 questions. If you are able to answer below, you will be fine. 

            (ex) What is the correct meaning of the Latin word, ‘Dominum’?

                    a. Bread       b. Human       c. Angels           d. Lord 

           To prepare for the quiz, please study the file ‘Panis Angelicus word-to-word  

translation.’ All the questions for the quiz will cover the content of the file. 

1.     Singing:  

1)    You have to be able to sing the solfege (C Major scale) with hand signs: 


2) You have to memorize the song ‘How can I keep from singing,’ and be able to sing your own part by yourself. If you are in the group 1, you will be singing the bottom part. If you are in the group 2, you will be singing the top part. 

We will also talk about the specific plans for the following classes next Monday. 

The recorder contest will be on October 24, not October 17. I will give you more time during the class so that you will be able to work with your group member. 

Good luck!

Date: 9/26/16

The Weekly Announcement 3

1.     Assignment (Due October 3)

·      Please make sure you have the score ‘Panis Angelicus,’ and the Latin pronunciation chart. You can find them on the ‘Yellow box’ web page.

·      Write down Latin pronunciation under the each syllable.  

(ex) You will see the Latin syllables are ‘Panis Angelicus’ at measure 13 to 14. Next, find the pronunciation of each syllable from the chart. 

Open for an example


·      All details are in the chart. Don’t miss them!

2.     Quiz

·      We are going to take a quiz on October 10 NOT October 3. The quiz will consist of two sections: a written quiz and singing. During the singing section, everyone will wait outside of the classroom. When you get your turn, you will come into the classroom and sing by yourself in front of me. I am going to play the piano accompaniment for you while you sing. 

·      To prepare for the quiz: 

o   You have to know the meaning of each Latin word from ‘Panis Angelicus’ for the written quiz. To do this, please print out the file, ‘Panis Angelicus word-to word Translation.’ 

o   You have to be able to sing solfege with hand signs.  

a)     Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti, Do (in C Major) 

b)    Do, Re/Do, Mi/Do, Fa/Do, Sol/Do, La/Do, Ti/Do, Do

o   You have to memorize two pieces: 

a)     How Can I Keep From Singing 

b)    There Is None Like You

3.     Review: print out the file of Repeat Signs and read it. Bring the hard copy of the file to the next class (October 3). 

4. Recorder Practice

·      The ‘Fa’ or ‘F’ finger position should be corrected. Please check the picture. 

·      Print out the file of Recorder_Duets and read the part of ‘Tonguing and 

      Playing’ well.  

·      Practice how to play the notes, ‘C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C.’ If you have time, 

       you may want to play the songs in the file. We are going to work on 

the songs in the next class. 

5. Group Work

·        Singing: we will split the group 1 and group 2. And we will practice the spots that split into two parts in each song: ‘How can I keep from singing,’ and ‘There is none like You.’ 

·        Recorder: we will divide into four groups and work on duet recorder music. I will explain more in next class.  

6.  Listening  

 This is the link that you can listen to the song, ‘Panis Angelicus.’ I hope you enjoy it!

If you have any questions, please email me. Have a good week! 

Date: 9/19/16

The Weekly Announcement 2

Please be on time. Tardiness will affect your grade from the next class. 

In the class (9/19), we learned Solfege syllables with hand signs

Please practice this at your home and show me in the next class. 

We also learned three songs today.

(‘Solfa Calypso,’ ‘How can I keep from singing with praise Him,’ and ‘There is none like You.’)

I encourage you to listen to the songs: ‘How can I keep from singing with praise Him,’ and ‘There is none like You.’ 

Here is the website for you. player.jsp?&type=audio&productID=10306668

Next Class (9/26), we will work on: 

1.     Solfege with hand signs and sight-reading

2.     Key Signatures (#, b) 

3.     Recorder (musical instrument) Activity 

4.     the songs: How can I keep from singing with praise Him,’ and ‘There is none like You.’ 

5.     We will talk about the upcoming assignments. 

Please make sure you print out the scores and bring them to class. 

Here is the list of the scores:  

1.     How can I keep from singing with praise Him

2.     There is none like You 

3.     Panis Angelicus 

4.     Angel’s Carol