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Chorale Wednesday

This class will provide instruction for students to sing in a chorus style group.  Students will learn to sing parts and participate in singing spirituals and other Christian choral music.

  Chorale- $12/class  minimum suggested donation   Teacher: Jooyeon Hwang                                                          

Chorale- $12/class  minimum suggested donation

Teacher: Jooyeon Hwang                                                          

September 13, 2017

Today we covered: 

  1.  Solfege syllables and solfege hand signs.
  2. The main thematic melody of the song There Is None Like You. 


  1.  Please practice the solfege hand signs.
  2. Do the ‘Quiz’ handout and give it to me in the next class.  

* Important Note:

Please don’t forget to bring a folder and a pencil to the class. 

September 20, 2017

Today we covered:  

1. Warm-up exercises 

 * We always sing with tall vowels. Please practice lifting your soft palate when you sing. How? Imagine you are eating yummy food or you are smelling a beautiful flower.   

2. Solfege exercises with hand signs and construction paper

* Red: Do, Orange: Re, Yellow: Mi, Green: Fa, Blue: Sol, Navy: La, Purple: Ti, Red: Do 

3. The main thematic melody of the song Alleluia and There Is None Like You. 


  • Watch the Youtube videos (the links are below) and answer the questions on the sheet (Attached). You have to submit the assignment by the next class.

 1) Meow Song:

 2) America The Beautiful: (America The Beautiful lyrics)

2. Please practice the solfege hand signs. 

3. Review the songs we learned in class. 

* Important Note: 

Please don’t forget to bring your assignment to class. 

You can bring your water bottle to class. Please drink water whenever you need. 

September 27, 2017

October 4, 2017

Today We Covered:

1. Accidentals: a sign used to raise or lower the pitch of a note; (#, ♭, ♮)

2. How to sing the chromatic solfege syllables for the ascending scale:

‘Sharps (#)’ with‘-i’ vowel (ex) In the key of C, C is Do and C# is Di. 

Do-Di-Re-Ri-Mi-Fa-Fi-Sol-Si-La-Li-Ti Do

3. Hand Bell: ‘Joy To The World’

4. Song, ‘There Is None Like You’



* Prepare for the test next week! Good Luck!

  1. Sight-singing test: Sing ‘C scale’ on solfege with solfege hand signs

1) Do/Re/Mi/Fa/Sol/La/Ti/Do

2) DoRe/DoMi/DoFa/DoSol/DoLa/DoTi/DoDo


2. Singing test: Sing the entire song ‘There Is None Like You’ by memory. You may use your music folder if you need. But, if you sing it by memory, you will get extra points. Please remember you have to sing your own part. 

October 11, 2017

October 18, 2017

Assignment 2: 

You have to print out the attached file first and read the instructions carefully on the paper. Answer the note names as well as the Solfege names. Please write the solfege names under each note name. Please consider C as Do.  


October 25, 2017

* Important Note: 


If you haven't submitted the second assignment, please do and give it to me in next week's class (Oct 30/ Nov 1). Assignment 2 is posted on "October 16, 2017." 


As you requested, the video with the dramatic motion is available here. There are a few changes of the motion.  

This is the link for the ALTO PART. 

Please watch and practice it every day, so that we can honor God as we lead people to worship Him at the Fall Gala event. We are going to focus on practicing this piece till the Fall Gala. 

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