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Christine Stephenson

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Dr. Christine Stephenson is a board certified Clinical Cytogeneticist.  She has a Ph.D. in leukemia genetics from The Queen’s University of Belfast, Northern Ireland and holds a Master of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary. She is the Founder of Expert Genetics LLC, a company that provides consulting services for clinical cytogenetic laboratories and she is the medical director of the Molecular Medicine Lab at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, AZ. She has lectured both nationally and internationally on topics ranging from the basics of genetics to the complexities of genetic changes in different leukemias and cancers, genetic technology, ethics of genetic technology/engineering, and theological topics such as creation theology, being created in God’s image, the intersection between faith and science. Dr. Stephenson lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. On a personal note, she loves to go on adventure travels and has traveled extensively around the world. Her hobbies include photography, cycling, working out in the gym, hiking, reading, movies and football (as in soccer). She is involved in teaching and preaching in churches and lecturing/training in Christian conferences and seminars.

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