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Creation Celebration

MAY 21-25, 2018

This year's theme is Your Questions Answered!!

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Do you have a question about the Bible?

We will be answering YOUR Bible questions at Creation Celebration 2018.  Submit your questions in the Student Resource room, or by clicking on the button below.


Middle and High School






Monday - Christine Stephenson, PH.D., FACMG, Clinical Cytogeneticist.  Topics: Chromosones, DNA/Genetic technology

Monday - Astronomy


tuesday - Larry Behers, Astronomer.  topics: the moon & its phases and the reasons for the seasons

tuesday - Dinosaurs


Wednesday - Larry Behers,

Astronomer.  topics: why is the sky blue and gravity, blackholes, & the god particle

wednesday - Adam and Eve


thursday- Brace Barber,  What is life/what is the origin of life

thursday - Giants


friday - Brace Barber- how did living things get so complex?/the meaning of life

friday - Noah's Ark


Registration is open

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Quest is offering the following lunch options for students:

Monday - Pizza, watermelon, brownie

Tuesday - Tacos, beans, snicker doodles

Wednesday - Pulled Pork Sandwiches, coleslaw, popsicle

Thursday - Hot Dog, grapes, popsicle

Friday - Eegee's, sandwiches, chips

Time: 12:30-1:10

Location: Pick up in Parish Hall

  • Elementary Students will eat in Parish Hall
  • Middle/High School Students will take their lunch to Room 8, where the guest speaker for the day will join them for fellowship and discussion before classes start.

Cost: $5/day or $20/week (An XL lunch option with 2 servings of the main dish is available for $7/day or $30/week)

Allergies: A gluten/dairy free option is available

Deadline to order is Monday, May 21, 9:00am

You can pay with paypal or bring payment to the sign-in table on Monday, May 21.

For questions, please contact me or Sarah Molinari,


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What is Creation Celebration?

The Creation Celebration is a week-long event we hold every two years. During this week the students participate in classes, science labs, crafts, snacks and games all centered around God's creation! We choose a new theme for each Celebration and this year's theme is Your Questions Answered!  We have about 200 kids from preschool through high school participating each year.

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Each day starts with worship/praise singing as a group while everyone arrives. Students then break into their groups with their leaders and follow through to the various activities and stations planned for each day. Then we end with worship again in the sanctuary for singing and closing prayers.

This is a huge event that needs lots of volunteers!

Hear What Other Participants have to say about Creation Celebration

We have attended Creation Celebration each time it has been offered, and it’s become a “don’t miss” event for our family.

Creation Celebration has given our children an opportunity to learn creation apologetics at their level. The kids have a wonderful time and don’t even realize how much they are learning. As a parent volunteer I have been blessed to be a part of the Creation Celebration; meeting new people, watching the children learn, and having the opportunity to serve others.