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Curiosity Club

The Sense of Taste : 2/3/16

This week in Curiosity Club Jr. we talked about the sense of taste. We learned that our tongues have lots of little bumps on them called taste buds that help us to sense our food and then send a message to our brain letting us know what it is. Also, there are different tastes that our tongue can sense; sour, bitter, sweet, and salty. Before tasting, the kids made guesses as to where they would taste each flavor. Then we tested! We tasted lemon juice, table salt, sugar and a tiny bit of ground coffee. We used toothpicks to rub the different flavors on our tongues.

In Curiosity Club, we started by looking at some images on the computer of close-up tongue pictures. There are 10,000 taste buds on the tongue for most people and there are some people, called super-tasters, that have much more than that (we are going to test in class next time to see if any of us are super tasters)! Next, we ate pudding! We used the pudding to compare what food tasted like with and without a sense of smell. When our noses are clogged up our brains have a harder time figuring out what food we're eating. Next, we worked on taste zones; bitter, sour, sweet & salty. The kids hypothesized where they thought the areas would be on the tongue and then we used lemon juice, table salt, sugar and coffee grounds to see if we were correct. They got some of them!