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Drama 2016-2017
Taught by Rachel Dircks
I prefer to be contacted by text 520-940-7432 (much faster service)
Tuesdays 3:20-5:20 p.m.
We meet in the sanctuary.

Supplies needed:
Parents will need to provide costumes for their own child/children.
Check yellow box weekly for homework/supplies needed.

Foundational Drama Class
Introduction to acting and character development based on the exploration of improvisation, creative dramatics and beginning scene work. Rehearsal and skit performances for Fall Gala.
Second semester is focused on production and technical theatre. Additional, off site, rehearsals are kept minimal but are usually required in late April or early May. 
The year ends in a final , full scale production.

Participation in Novembers Fall Gala and the Final production in May are mandatory.

In class:

Play rehearsal


Bring all props , if you cannot bring something I must know ASAP.

Onstage we will need :

A sofa (removable seat cushions), end tables, easy chairs, a small desk that you can see through underneath, a cafe table and chairs. Anything that would look at home in a a lodge (log cabinish).

If you can loan us any of these items please let me know. (Ask your parents to read this)

Properties required:

Grace (Alyssa)- handheld mic

Pine (Cooper)- file folder, cell phone, watch, paper in pocket, suitcase, trench coat

Mr Pike (Alex)- fishing pole , fishing net

Mrs. Pike (Hannah)- fishing pole, police whistle

Pete (Joey)- large snake, pet carrier, bucket/broom, wolfman mask, large foot cardboard       cut-out, fishing net

Oakley (shepherd)- watch, notepad, pen, Yellowstone brochure, coffee cup, suitcase

Birch (Kathryn)- tabloid newspaper, watch, suitcase , cell phone, camcorder, butterfly net, heavy backpack

Mary (Abigail)- check in envelope, keys

Carrie (Kylie)- yoga mat, suitcase, scissors (safety)

Holly (Savannah)- file folder

Reporter 1-5 (Thomas, Aliyah, Kate, Brian, Caitlin )- notepad, pen , camera

Barry (Joe)- police whistle

Guests 1-5 (Josh, jake, Thad, Emmapearl, mercy)- cameras, camcorders/cameras/binoculars, suitcases

Men in black (Stephen , William )- black suits and black sunglasses


Work on slowing down and increasing your volume.

Record yourself and listen...


We are in the final stretch! You are all doing a great job, keep it up!

I will be at fair next week but we WILL have class at the regular time.

In class:
We focused on rehearing the second half of the play and some specific scene work.

I still need you to focus on increasing your volume, slowing down and articulating.
Record yourself from across a room and get an idea of your actual volume. The audience needs to hear you, you ALL have lines that are important to this story.
If I do not have a headshot/bio from you, I need it ASAP!
You did an amazing job in class this week, so exciting to see things coming together :D

In class-
Collected t-shirt orders
Play rehearsal

 please read this entire section- lots of important info!
You are doing a great job! Keep memorizing those lines and getting costume ideas. Bring props for your character, if you do not have the ability to get your props, I need to know so I can get them.

Rehearsal times for production-

May 17th 7:45pm - I know this is late, I am asking who may be able to come? We may just do scene work/lighting

May 18 7:45pm- set load in. Again let me know if this will be a possible rehearsal time for anyone?

May 19 1pm mandatory rehearsal, we will run through play 2X.

May 20th production day- details almost finalized. Please be sure your PARENTS READ this also so they can get dates/times/orders, etc finalized!

See you next week!

Things we need to work on
1. SLOW down, articulate, and keep volume loud and consistent . Losing the last word of many sentences. Have someone record you from across a room so you can find a proper volume.
2. Never turn your back to the audience , remember to cheat out so we can hear you.

Next week we will start mid-play and work through the end.
I need all bios/head shots in for the program by next week.
These are the people I have bios/head shots for, if you name is not on this list- I have NOT received your bio or pic. This is info for the production program.
1. Kathryn E
2. Aliyah D (you need to send a headshot)
3. Joseph E
4. Joe T (need headshot resent)
5. Savannah B
6. William H
7. Thomas H
8. Alex B ( need bio sent)

Ads collected
1. Ballantine.   For family
2. Pettis.          For lyles tile cleaning
3. Baird.           For Automatit
4. Hubbard.     For Artistry academy
5. Harris.         For family
6. Trainor.        For Ariel Estate
7. Thorson.       For Casabona Chiropractic

I also have an ad from Aliyah D. And I have her headshot.

I have the bio/headshots from

Hannah T

Kylie A

Alex B


Abigail H

Aliyah D

I know Stahlman family has an ad- please email it to me.
Other than that,  if you are not on this list I either do not have your ad or money. If you gave your money/info to the front desk, I will NOT know about it and it will NOT be in the program unless you let me know. Please contact me ASAP if you ad in the program and are not listed above.

T-shirt orders so far

1. Hubbard (2) 1-L,1-M.    Paid
2. Ewing(2) 1-S,1-M.       Paid
3. Baird.   (1). 1-M.             Paid
4. Thorson. ? @ least 1-M
5. Dircks (3) 3-M
6. Pettis. (1)  1-M
7. Trainor (1) 1-S.                Paid
8. Harris.  (1) 1-S.               Paid
9. Eubanks (1) 1-M
10. Ballantyne (1) 1-M  Paid
11. Avery (1) 1-S.                 Paid
12. Stahlman (2) 2-S
13. Thai.        (1) 1-YL

Here is front (left),and back (right) of shirt. ( it will say "QUEST for Drama presents" above the production name).
Check the spelling of your name on shirt and be sure it is correct!!! (We know about EmmaPearl , it's already being corrected). Please show this to your parents and anyone else who may want to order, we are only placing one order. All orders and money are due next Tuesday @ drama.


In class-
Play reading
Please get your ad for the playbill sold (they were due this week but I only have a few in hand). Prepare your headshot and bio, due by 3/27/17. Read, read, read, we are off script 3/27/17 :)
Don't forget to bring any props you have to class you are welcome to leave them in the production box or bring/take them each time.

In class-
We read through the play.

Read through/learn your parts, learn your cue lines. We want to start looking up instead of staring At the script.
Please try to sell an add for our playbill this week. Fundraising letter and playbill were handed out in class today. (There is a link to the letter in last week's homework so you can print more)
Headshot and bio for playbill is due in 2 weeks, start working on it now so you won't be rushing at the last minute !
Bring hand props. We are starting a box for this play next week,  props you bring are welcome to remain in the box (which I will bring to class each week) until we are finished with the production.
You are all doing a great job! :D

It's official, We have our performance date!
May 20, 2017
Greenfield school theater

Yay! Save the date. Rehearsal dates coming soon!

In class-

Rehearsed play


Please sell your add for our playbill.

Donation letter is attached.

Have a great science fair/Rodeo week!

In class:
We read through the play. Great job everyone!

If you did not print/fill out your character analysis (from last weeks yellowboxes) make sure you bring it next week.
Please read through your parts and make a list of props/special items your character uses.
Start thinking about and researching your characters costume.
Don't forget to bring your script each week, there are not extras! If you lose your script, you will have to buy another and they are $10 ,soplease keep them safe.
We are a team, it is very important for everyone to be at class each week because in drama we depend on each other!

In class:

Auditions. You all did a wonderful job!!! Remember, parts are assigned on what works best for the whole group so if you didn't get the part you wanted- it doesn't mean your audition was poor. I was really proud of everyone.

Here is the cast list:

Holly Hauk- Savannah

Grace Granite- Alyssa

Miss Birch- Kathryn

Mr Pine- Cooper

Mary Granola- Abigail

Mr Pike- Alex

Mrs. Pike- Hannah

Carrie Granola- Kylie

Pete- Joey

Congressman Oakley- Shepherd

Barry Busch- Joe

Reporter 1- Thomas

Reporter2- Aliyah

Reporter 3- Kate

Reporter 4- Brian

Reporter 5- Caitlyn

Guest 1- Josh

Guest 2- Jake

Guest 3- Thad

Guest 4- Emma Pearl

Guest 5- Mercy

Man in black 1- Stephen

Man in Black 2- William


Read through the script again, considering your character. Please print/fill out a character analysis

Don't forget to ask your parents if they feel led to donate $10 (the price of the script)

I am so excited to get working on our production. I will have your script @ class, bring a highlighter next week and we will be reading through our play.  :)

In class:
We preformed short plays.
Please read the play and choose the part you wish to audition for. I am having trouble putting a link to the play up I may have to email it to each of you individually so watch your email and check back to the yellow box. Come to class prepared to read for a part next week.

In class:
Discussed Shakespeare and his importance. Shakespearean insults . Broke into groups, did "mad lib" scripts and performed them.

First and foremost, thank you for enrolling your child in drama class and helping us create a Christian theatre group! We are not like any other drama group around, and this makes our contract very important. In drama we are completely interdependent, with even one missing actor (or one not doing their part) we are back at square one. It is very important that parents are aware of the commitment their child is making to each , other child in this group.
We cannot finalize our production choice until I have a completed form for each student. We always do our best to work together. In addition to the following list, we always need some help from parents at the show with makeup, line calling, picking up meals, manning concessions, etc., so please let us know where you can help out.

Please print/fill out or email contracts (below)and get them back to me asap , so we can order scripts!

QUEST for Drama Participation Contract
You will not be allowed to audition without a permission slip signed by both yourself and your parent/guardian.

Drama 12/9
In class:

Discussion of the importance of a group mentality in theater. Be selfless when acting, good supporting actors are the best to be on stage with. If you make the person next to you look great, your production will be GREAT!!!
We Filled out cards for students listing their strengths.
Class Midterm- students chose and performed a monologue.

Students who missed class should look at lasts weeks yellow box for links to monologues. You can read directions there for choosing/writing/presenting your monologue (which is your midterm😃)
Everyone else- you may prepare/perform another monologue if you wish. We will spend the rest of class playing improv games! It will be fun!!!!🎄


in class-

we worked on/ discussed importance of pantomime.

performed prepared pieces.

we discussed stretching your acting ability by trying on new characters, it' a fun challenge!


prepare a monologue for class. 5 min max (believe me 5 min would be incredibly long) 

you may write your own or select one from these links. you do not have to memorize it (although that is always preferable, as it frees you up for movement). Practice in front of a mirror and try different character/voices. If you choose a well known role, find background on your character to inspire your performance. Please print/ bring 2 copies of your monologue to class. you may also choose a second piece if you wish but please concentrate heavily on one or the other. Remember to have fun with this!!! - scroll to bottom of page, find one your intrested inand click on view button to read  - look in left margin for monologue by age - disregard the comments on choosing your monologue, use anything you feel you can realisticly pull off. - scroll down to find these

that's it! obviously, there are many other sites and books to use for monologues but this is a great start. most of these list genre, length , age range and whether it is a male or female role. happy hunting! 

In class-

We discussed pantomime and the importance of this technique to acting. We played pantomime charades.


Create a short pantomime to perform in class (5min or less) that tells us a story or shows an activity.  Remember to include as many small details as possible. Create your space and don't "walk through" walls or anything else you establish in your space. Watch these clips before you get started. The two we watched in class are also here.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Drama 11/9/16

In Class:

We practiced our skits for the Fall Gala

Invite people to Fall Gala.
Be @ the church by 5:30 pm on Friday

In class:
We worked on skits for fall gala

Invite people to the fall gala !

In class:

We discussed importance of diction and vocal projection.
We did a projection exercise. We did 2 person exercises focused on acceptance and improv.
We discussed/practiced skits .

Please bring a skit to work on. (Comedies only)
If you do not have one, see links in last week's homework.

We will only be choosing the best skits for the fall gala. We will perform all of them in class and choose the best. This is the best of the best for QUEST! :) It is our fall fundraiser. We want to show them what our drama group can do! This will determine funding for our final production, please invite friends and family now to attend our gala

Drama 10/18/16

In class:

We worked on writing/performing skits.


Continue to look for or write skits. You need a skit by next week!

Here are some links:

Drama 10-11-16
Today in class

We discussed physical behavior as it relates to dialogue. We did some trust exercises and improv with given dialogue. We ran through a 10 minute play 2X.

Look for/ write your own skit (if desired) for fall gala. Keep it short ,3 min or less. I am not giving any other homework so you have plenty of time. :)

In class:

We experienced different walks from students and tried to guess their character. We also continued to work on movement, acceptance and improv.

Please continue to observe people's gate and body language. Please bring in any skit ideas you find for the fall gala or write your own. :)

In class

Today in drama we worked on commitment and acceptance. We learning about making character and scene convincing.
Observe the way people walk, how they carry themselves and what part of their body they are leading with.
 Look for a particularly unusual/interesting walk and try to find its "difference". Look at age, height, gender, lead etc.
 come to class next week prepared to present the "walk" and explain its characteristics to the group.

Charlie and the chocolate Factory @ PCC
This sat Oct 1 @ 2pm
If you signed up to attend, please meet in front of the box office @ 1:30
If you are late or early- or somehow miss meeting up- tell the box office you are part of the QUEST drama group
My # is 940-7432

No homework this week.
Be ready to start some improv next week

Tuesday, September 13

In class:
Introduction to drama . Interviews and presentations of classmates. 
Please bring an item from home to share with class. I would like it to be something you can tell a story about (no live animals, nuts or anything else someone may have an allergy to please). 
It can be happy, sad , funny, scary, etc. I would like it to be something that has meaning for you. Everyone will speak for 3-4 minutes in front of the class about their item.
Field trip:
I am planning a field trip to see Charlie and the chocolate factory @ PCC west campus on 10-1 , @2pm tickets are $7 and you can bring as many people as you wish. I just need an RSVP and monies next week. We will have a Qand A time afterwards with the cast.