Quest for Education and Arts
Provides unique and experiential education opportunities through collaboration with community experts and use of emerging technology to offer the best possible training for every student.
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Drop/Audit Info

Drop Fee: you cannot drop a class without incurring a $100 per class per student fee. If you need to audit instead of take a class for credit, you must sign an audit contract. Continuing in a class as an audit does not incur the fee.   If you have dropped a class this past semester and not paid the fee, you need to bring your account current by paying this fee right away.   If you need to make payments, please make those arrangements with Dr Thai or the front desk.

Why do we do this?    Because we are looking for committed students and families.   We cannot successfully run a rigorous education program with the highest quality teachers and equipment if people do not maintain their commitment to see a class to its completion.   Also, you must remember that our organization pays to get the best possible teachers and we must pay for our building use, storage, website, and equipment.   We cannot do this if we do not have serious families who bless our efforts with donations.   Therefore, we have implemented this policy to deter folks for dropping just because a student is having a bad day.   We are always open to discussion and we welcome your input.   We know there can be extenuating circumstances, so if that occurs, please come talk to us. 

Please understand we love our families and you are the reason we exist.   We always aim to meet your needs and this policy has helped us maintain a high quality arts and academic program.   

Drop Form

Forms can be dropped off to Thornydale Family Church during class days or mailed to

Quest for Education

1751 W. Placita de Zacatal

Tucson, AZ 85704