Quest for Education and Arts
Provides unique and experiential education opportunities through collaboration with community experts and use of emerging technology to offer the best possible training for every student.

Fine Arts Festival

The Quest Fine Arts Festival is our end-of-the-year event in which we display everything that the students participating in the Fine Arts program have worked on! This year will be our Third Annual Fine Arts Festival.

During the Festival, all of the art work from the art and digital art classes is on display. Also included is work from many of the other classes including Jr Engineering, Literature. The music, dance, drama, Instrument Zoo and Orff classes all put on performances during this event as well.

Families and visitors are invited to sit and watch the performances or wander the halls looking at all the items on display. There will also be a snack and dessert bar with delicious home-made treats!

Performance Schedule

This year's Event:

April 31st-May 4th