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Fine Arts Festival


Visual Arts Show - Free to the Public!

4:00pm-9:00pm daily

During the festival, artwork from the visual arts classes, as well as some of the academic class work, will be on display.  Also included will be work from some of the Visual Arts faculty members.  This display is free to the public and will be held in the Desert View Performing Arts Center lobby and the Mariposa Room.

What is the Fine Arts Festival?

The Quest Fine Arts Festival is our capstone project where we display outstanding work from our Fine Arts students. This includes performing and visual arts. This year will be our Sixth Annual Fine Arts Festival.

  Photo submitted by Andrew Zoucha

Photo submitted by Andrew Zoucha

During the Festival, art work from all of the visual arts classes will be on display. Also included will be work from many of the other academic classes including Jr Engineering, Foreign Language, and Literature.   Performing arts classes will also display their talents during this event.

Families and visitors are invited to sit and watch the performances and tour the displays.  Tickets will go on sale, March 1st.  Please check back frequently for more updated information on the Festival.

Hear Inspirational Stories that led us to this amazing Venue


After searching for 8 months for a venue, and having all other doors closed, God has provided the Desert View Performing Arts Center, a state of the art theater located in the heart of Saddlebrooke. Praise God for such a fine place and that it will give our children a chance to really shine His glory on those who attend.  God's hand is truly guiding our work here.  We are very excited to see what seeds will be planted and what partnerships may develop to grow His kingdom. 



Excitement Awaits

 Rachel Dircks - Drama Teacher

Rachel Dircks - Drama Teacher

"I am  very excited for the Quest students to have the opportunity to perform on the stage at the Desert View theater. While I enjoy the little theater we have used at Green Fields, it will be a great experience for the kids to be on a stage with newer sound and light systems. I believe God will use it to reach out and bless a whole new community, while teaching all of us to move forward in faith, using our talents for His greater purpose."

Beautiful Venue with Great Acoustics

 David Rife - Orchestra Director

David Rife - Orchestra Director

"This coming May we at Quest are excited to have the opportunity to share our God given talents with the people of Saddlebrooke, as well as with our wonderful Quest families.  I myself have performed there numerous times in orchestral and chamber music settings.  I really look forward to returning to the Saddlebrooke community and sharing our music.  The concert hall is not only beautiful, the acoustics are some of the best in Tucson.....the perfect location for the Quest Fine Arts Festival. "


Opportunites for a Larger Canvas

 Tanya Fisher - Dance Teacher

Tanya Fisher - Dance Teacher

I was so excited when I heard that the show would be on a big stage with lights this year.   I would like to share some of my thoughts, as a former studio owner, on the matter. 

First, please know that I understand the ultimate goal is to bring glory to God.  God can be glorified on any kind of "stage".  Having said that, there are so many advantages for dancers to have an opportunity to dance in a large space.   Intermediate and advanced students simply can not showcase their skills on a small stage.  Even some beginning level classes really do need a medium to large space.  Many dance movements can not be executed properly when the dancers are crowded and limited.  Showcasing dance on a small stage is similar to a musical performance where the instruments are muffled and the audience can't hear the full beauty of the music.  In dance, the space in our "canvas".  I am thrilled that God is opening doors and leading the way for Quest to take the next step.


Desert View Performing Arts Center

39900 S. Clubhouse Drive

Tucson, AZ  85739