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Flip Give

Flip give

Some the most popular brands FlipGive has to offer!



Walmart gives us 3% on all online purchases.  The best part is you can do your grocery shopping online and then get FREE grocery pick up.  You drive to the store and they bring your groceries out to you.  You don't even need to take the kids in the store!


JC Penney

Gives 2% on purchases and 1% on eGift cards


Starbucks card

Starbucks gives 3% of your purchase to Quest so let's have a cup of Joe!


Brands that give Quest the most!!!

under armour.jpg

Under Armour


Schwan's offers 40% on eGift Cards.  This is a huge donation for Quest.  This would make a great Christmas Gift this year!

Under Armour gives us 15% on online purchases, but NOT gift cards.  So shop online for this one!