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Honor Society Minutes

Honor Society 9/6/16 Meeting

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Back to School Night 9/8/16: Honor Society & Tutors Booth:

                              -The booth must have at least one member present at all times

                              -Honor Society Promotion Flier

                                             -List benefits of Honor Society, scholarships, job opportunities, etc.

                              -Possibility of laptop to display information about the organization and tutoring center at the booth


College Night - 10/7/16: General Setup and Organization of the Event

                              -The event will begin at 6:30 PM and end at 9:00 PM

                              -Information about college application, resources

                              -Talks about how to capitalize on the wealth of unclaimed scholarship money

                              -Grand Canyon University will deliver speeches about keeping the Christian faith in a secular university

                              -A speech on finances and managing money in the real world

                              -Colleges to contact: UofA, ASU, NAU, Pima, Embry-Riddle

                              -Location of the venue, either Alive or Grace church, Grace church more probable

                                             -Depends on how many groups will be attending the event

                              -Information about proper transcripting methods

                              -Duel Enrollment information and talks

                              -Multiple booths will be presenting at the same time, with a rotation for speeches and booths

                              -Food will be provided, cookies and salsa/chips

                              -Donations will be accepted towards the expenses of the event

                              -Grand Canyon University will be delivering the main program of the night

Stuff the Bus - 10/8/16: Information

                              -Grand Canyon University will be running this event

                              -Families will be taken on a bus to the GCU campus, given information and direction about the college, and returned later in                                   the evening

Mole Day - 10/24/16: Ideas for fund raising

                              -Fund raising ideas needed


Fall Gala - 11/18/16: Assignment and Location

                              -Location will be the St.Andrews Church(large)

                              -Honor Society members assignment: Find an interesting chemical reaction or experiment to conduct during our ceremony

Honor Society Next Meeting - 11/11/16: 1:00 PM