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Honors HS English

Read next section in Walden.
Rewrite essay on overcoming a challenge using a quote (does not have to be from Walden, but could be).


Class will be moved to Friday from here on out.
HW: practice solitude, read the Bean Field in Walden.


Finish chapter 1 of Walden.
Memorize at least one one-liner
Look for transitions to identify patterns (if any)
Continue annotating text for present day application.

Mr. Carey


Read and annotate pages 24-50 in Walden.

Keep track of favorite parts, interesting lines, questions you have, things you'd like to remember.

Page 50 ends with: "but I wish, as you are brothers of mine, that you could have spent your time better than digging in this dirt."

Mr. Carey

Homework due 11/22:

Final final draft after revisions of Disobedience essay. Please email me by Tuesday

Homework due before class on 11/29: Read Walden ch. 1 pages 1-24 or ending with the paragraph:

I cannot believe that our factory system is the best mode by which men may get clothing. The condition of the operatives is becoming every day more like that of the English; and it cannot be wondered at, since, as far as I have heard...

Have a great Thanksgiving.


Mr. Carey

This week, we began the rough draft of our Wilde agreement essay. Please complete essay prior to doing reading assignment (no need to email me, just bring your completed essay to class)


Reading assignment:

Read "Civil Disobedience" by HD Thoreau 


Mr. Carey

This week, everyone turned in multiple drafts of their Busy Life essays, and we discussed the new prompt on "Disobedience." 

Each student will be drafting an essay for both sides of the argument.


Rough and revised drafts of an essay disagreeing with Oscar Wilde's claim. 

Please make sure to Track Changes or Print your rough draft and handwrite edits so that I can see your work. Remember MLA formatting for headers and quotes, but NO RESEARCH outside of what's in the prompt. 

Please bring both copies of your essay to class on Tuesday.

Next week, we will be working on an essay agreeing with Wilde. 


Mr. Carey

Honors English 10/18

In class this week, we took a closer look at syntax by identifying sentence types and their frequency in own writing.


1. finish identifying each sentence type in essay.

2. circle and list all verbs in entire essay, to look for repetition

3. Final draft of Busy Life essay--revise for:

Variety of sentence types

Variety of verbs

Please bring all drafts to class on Tuesday.


In class this week, we reviewed MLA formatting for all papers moving forward

12 pt. Font

Times New Roman


1" Margins

traditional indented paragraphs


We also revised essays on a Busy Life for sentence structure, and word choice.



Revise essays 

Focus Content Area (FCA): Sentence structure

Each paragraph must contain at least one example of each type of sentence (simple, compound, complex, compound-complex). 

Also, remove any unnecessary words, phrases or clauses that add no value.

Honors English:
Please revise essays on being busy, and email me your final copy prior to Monday morning (10/10/2016).


Today, we looked at the structures of an essay and of paragraphs (I will post a printable copy of the graphic organizer we outlined by tomorrow). 

Assignment due in class next week (neatly written or typed and printed): 5 Paragraph Essay on the topic: A Busy Life.

Please create a specific prompt and complete a graphic organizer prior to writing your essay. Remember to define the term busy, and to make sure you don't use any question marks anywhere in your essay. Make sure to bring your graphic organizer and your essay to class with you. 

New Students:

Please bring to your first class:

1. An annotated bibliography for the last 5 novels you have read (1 paragraph per novel).

2. A short essay (no longer than one page) describing something you would like to tell me about yourself. 

Mr. Carey

Tuesday, September 13

Due on 9/20:
Annotated bibliography of the 5 most recent novels you have read.
(one paragraph per novel including a brief summary of plot and your personal reaction to it).
Bring in 2 articles of interest on any topic of your choosing.