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Jr. Engineering & Architecture

Teacher: Miss Casey, 520-591-1647

Class time: Monday 9-11am in Room 5

Fall Semester: Architecture, Spring Semester: Engineering

We will be using The Story of Buildings by Patrick Dillon for the fall semester. Students do not need their own copy- we are just using it as a timeline.

We will be using LittleBits student sets in the spring.


Week 8 -The People's Procession

Review: This week we learned about the Parthenon in Athens, Greece. The Parthenon was built on an acropolis by the Great General Pericles. It was a temple built in honor of Athena and to proclaim the glory of their city to the world. It is a doric temple, 8 columns wide and 17 columns long.

We talked about the classical orders of Greek architecture including doric, ionic and Corinthian columns.

Project: Create the different columns using air dry clay

Game: We played the Greek Temple Game

Video: The Classical Greek Orders

Video: Secrets of the Parthenon

Week7 - The Temples of Greece

Week 6 - Egypt Continued

Review: We started this week off by finishing our step pyramids that we started last week and playing a game called "Build the Pyramid". Once finished, we talked about the Great Pyramid of Giza and how it differed from the first pyramid. We watched the end of the video I posted last week because I wanted to see the challenges that the engineers faced in trying to repair and strengthen the pyramid. To end we talked briefly about next week and our new upcoming study of Greek architecture. 

Project: Complete your step pyramid

Game: The Three Pyramids - this is a fun game that allows you to work your way through the pyramid collecting objects along the way that the pharaoh will need for the afterlife.

Homework: Design your own temple! You should have taken home three sheets of paper for your drawings: one to draw the front, one to draw the side and one for a drawing of either the top or the inside. You are welcome to do more than that if you would like. These are due next week, October, 24th.

Week 5 - The King Who Conquered Time

Review: First, we weight tested the structures we built last week while learning about trusses and other architectural elements. Noah's building holds the record! 

Pharaoh Djoser and his advisor Imhotep designed and built the first pyramid - the step pyramid at Saqqara. The Pharaoh was worried that one day he would die like everyone else and no one would remember him. He looked around his kingdom and realized that mountains don't die, stone doesn't die and he was inspired to build his monument.

Powerpoint from Class: The King Who Conquered Time

Video: Saving Egypt's Oldest Pyramid

Project: You build your very own step pyramid! If you didn't finish, we will have time to do that in class next week. After that, we will move on to Ancient Greece.

Week 2 - The First Buildings - PreHistory

Why did people first start to build buildings? Shelter! When winter came or the weather was bad, they needed somewhere to take cover until it passed. The simplest option was to find a cave or natural shelter that they could just use for a short time but when one wasn't available, they had to get creative. Sticks, stones, large leaves, animal skins; these are all things that were used.

To help the students understand, we all went outside to gather materials that would allow us to build a shelter for our frogs.

Homework: None this week

Next Week's Topic: The first houses and ancient times

This is what they did:

Week 1 - Welcome to Jr Engineering & Architecture

This week we discussed what we will be doing in class for the year, learned how to access the class webpage and took on our first engineering challenge.

The Toxic Marshmallow Challenge was presented to the students. For the challenge, students were given string, paperclips, rubberbands and a few clothespins. They were instructed to build a device (alone or in teams) that would be able to remove the "toxic" waste from within the frog city.

The challenging part was that they could not reach in or let any part of their bodies cross over the town's border. If any of the marshmallows fell, the whole town of frogs would die! It was a fun challenge that not everyone could accomplish!

At the end of class, we watched a short video about LittleBits. We will spend this semester working through the story of buildings and will start work with the LittleBits after Christmas.