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Lisa Mellady


Director of technology


Lisa mellady

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Lisa Mellady has a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Elementary Education.  She has been working on computers since she was 12 years old.  She started learning file structures in DOS in 1992 and went on to study RIP (Remote Imaging Protocol) graphics and BASIC (Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) programming while communicating with friends and her older brother on a BBS (Bulletin Board System).  She learned to design layouts working for her High School Newspaper as the exchange editor and the Assistant Editor for her High School Literary Magazine.  After high school she worked for a contracting company as a receptionist learning basic administrative functions in Microsoft Office. Lisa continued to study Elementary Education and in 2001 became a preschool teacher educating children ages 2-5.  In 2002 she accepted a position working with 1st grade ELL (English Language Learners) students transitioning to 2nd grade in reading and math during the summer.  She then went on to teach 6th grade for 1 year and then substituting after that.  In 2005, she received her own domain name as a Christmas Gift and learned how to use Dreamweaver Ultra Dev 4 to make a website.  In 2008, she became formally trained in Spalding Reading and made a website for a preschool playgroup that she was running, which later brought her to making a website for her local homeschool group as well.  During that time Lisa was guided on how to run a complex database for her homeschool group.  In 2017, she was guided by Christ to serve at Quest for Education and Arts to help with the website and 3 months later she was given the role as Director of Technology and is currently building a website for Quest in Wordpress.  She continues to develop her skills in HTML5 (Hyper-Text Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), adobe premier, scratch, photoshop, and Microsoft Access as she continues on her journey at Quest.

Lisa has a loving and supportive husband, Michael, and 6 wonderful children.  3 boys and 3 girls.  She continues to serve the Lord by volunteering as an assistant leader for American Heritage Girls and guiding her children down the path of Christ.  She has homeschooled her own children for 6 years and has 1 child in a charter school.