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Marine Biology

In this class we will be exploring the creatures of the ocean, learning about their habitats, their physical and behavioral characteristics, and the marine environment in which they live.

Marine Biology- $15/class  minimum suggested donation

Teacher: Elijah McKenna


                For Texts or calls 520-343-8918

September 13, 2017

Homework due by the 20th of SEPTEMBER:

Login to Engrade: contact me if you are unable to.

Check the yellowboxes for any updates (daily)

Email me (either you or your parents)(just so I can open a line of communication)

(My Apologies for getting this out late!)

Hi class! Please read chapters one, two, and three. Don't worry I won't quiz you on them :)

September 20, 2017

Homework due by next Class

Read and complete the Ocean Water Lab that I handed out in class. (Make sure you record the Experiment in your Lab Book and bring your finished work to class)

Read Chapter 3 in the book. (The one on Ocean Water)

Complete the Quiz once it posts on Engrade. (I will email you all when it does)

September 27, 2017

HomeWork Due by next week

Refresh your knowledge with the below links and take Quiz#2 on Engrade.                                                                           (you may use your notes, but not the book or internet)

Ocean Floor Topography            Zones           Diagrams (Print some of these out as a helpful resource)        Challenger Deep 

October 4, 2017

Homework due by next week:

Read the Chapter in the book on Waves, tides, and currents.

Complete Quiz #3 (on Engrade). Review the take home lab handout beforehand. There are additional questions (for extra credit - if you are 9th grade or above I expect you to complete them).

Complete your lab books (from the in class experiment on currents).

Some helpful links:      Hydrothermal Vents       Icebergs      Water Cycle      Salinity

October 11, 2017

Tsunamis      Tides

October 18, 2017

Review for test one and take Quiz #4 when it becomes available. I will send out an email when it does. Test one will be on all the previous chapters we’ve covered in class.

October 25, 2017

Read Chapter 5 in preparation for next class. There will be no quiz as we took an in class test.


November 1, 2017


November 8, 2017

For those of you who haven't done this yet:

1. Do at home experiment and record in your lab book

2. Email a suggestion experiment to do in class (it must be weather related and should help us understand a topic we learned in class.

Check Engrade to see your test score. 

Remember to: Keep Penguins Cool Or Find Good Shelter 


November 15, 2017


Link to Announcements

Please review the notes that Megan took during class.(attached)

Write out the domain through species of you favorite Marine Animal on a separate page of paper to bring to class.


  • Elai - coelacanth
  • Samantha - Sea Otter
  • Joshua - Sting Ray
  • Grace - Blob Fish
  • Michael - Dolphin or Whale
  • Gianna - Leatherback Sea Turtle
  • Aliyah - Leopard Seal
  • Joseph - Great White Shark


Complete the cells worksheet handed out in class (including the Venn diagram).

watch this video to help:

link: cells comparison:




November 29, 2017

December 6, 2017

December 13, 2017


January 10, 2017

In Class:

- reviewed the midterm and answered any questions

- read through and studied Chapter 8 

- watched videos on plankton and coral



- Read Chapter 8: Exploring the Coral Reef

- Find a box and cover inside with blue construction paper, paint, etc. for your Ocean Box Project

- Work on vocabulary worksheet from class


January 17, 2017

In Class:

- went over the crossword puzzle homework 

- finished reviewing Chapter 8: Exploring the Coral Reef

- learned more about corals

- watched a video about corals and each student wrote down 5 new facts that he/she learned about or found interesting



- Answer the 12 review questions that are on the Yellow Boxes and turn in next week

- Add either sea anemone or jellyfish and a coral to your Ocean Box

- Read the segment on crustaceans and mollusks 


January 24, 2017

In Class:

-Lecture on Whales

-Experiment to show insulation of blubber " Blubber Experiment"

    - wrote down experiment in Lab Books



-Cnidarian review quiz on Engrade DUE SATURDAY @ 11:45 PM


January 31, 2017

In Class: 

We studied about Toothed Whales and learned more details on Dolphins, Porpoises, Orcas, Belugas, Narwhals, and Sperm Whales.

We studied Baleen Whales and learned more details on Blue Whales, Humpback Whales, Grey Whale, and Right Whales. 

We worked on a crossword puzzle.



-Take Engrade quiz if you didn't complete it last week.

-Add to Ocean Box: Toothed Whale and Baleen Whale

-Check Engrade for Whale Quiz

-Check Yellow Box for reading assignment


February 7, 2018

In Class:

Each student took a review quiz.

We had a lecture on Pinnipeds (sea lions, seals, and walruses) and Sirenias (manatees and dugongs).


Homework: Add a seal or sea cow to your ocean box.


February 14, 2018

In Class: 

-Each student took a Review Quiz on Lesson 3

-Lecture on Aquatic Herps (Reptiles, Amphibians), Sea Turtles, Sea Snakes, and Salamanders



-Make a sea turtle to add to Ocean Box

-Study all notes!! (yours and Yellow box) 



February 28, 2017

March 7, 2017

Today in Class:

We went over the Mollusks

- Specifically Bivalves and Gastropods



Make one of each for your ocean box, you should have a list of the ones that we went over if you took good notes. 


Next week: 

We will be covering Cephalopods and reviewing our test.


March 14, 2018

In Class:

Everyone completed a handout about dissections.

EXPERIMENT: Pickle Dissection

We used the handout for dissecting procedure.

After cutting open the pickles, each student removed the seeds from his/her pickle and counted them. Each student drew a picture of his/her pickle and wrote the experiment results in the handout.


-printables on the yellow boxes

-vocabulary crossword

-Engrade quiz


March 21, 2018

In Class:
Reviewed Quiz
Lecture on Cephalopods, Octopus Brains, Nautilus, Chitons, Echinoderms: Sea Stars, Brittle Stars, Basket Stars, Crinoids, and Sea Urchins.

Engrade/ Yellow Box worksheet
Add a cephalopod (either an octopus or a squid) to your Ocean Box


March 28, 2018

In Class:
Each student completed 4 worksheets with each other while discussing the questions.
Lecture on Sea Urchins, Sand Dollars, Sea Cucumbers, and Crustaceans.

Next Week:
Dissections-Clam, Oyster, or Mussel 

Complete 2 handouts given in class


April 4, 2018

In Class:

Today we had a short overview of clams before each student dissected a clam. Then each student got a clam and dissected it. We cleaned up the clam dissection and had a short overview of sea stars before beginning that dissection. Each student also got a sea star and was able to dissect it. 

Clam Dissection:

First each student identified the age of his/her clam. Then they pried open the clam and found the muscle. They identified the foot, mantle, gills, and siphon tubes on their clams. Next, they cut open the foot and observed what was inside. Finally, each student wrote down the procedure, what was found and where, and then drew a sketch of what the inside of his/her clam looked like in their lab books.

Sea Star Dissection:

They cut slits down both sides of two arms from the tip to the center. Then they cut around the center, exposing the stomach. After removing the digestive glands, they identified the second stomach and the gonads. Then they identified the stone canal, ring canal, radial canal, and ampulla. Finally, they wrote down the procedure, what was found and where, and drew a sketch of what the sea star looked like in their lab books. 


April 11, 2018

In Class:
We had a lecture on Crustaceans, Then we did a squid dissection.
Squid Dissection:
-counted the number of arms; 8 short, 2 long
-found suction cups on arms and found the beak
-cut open and identified several different parts

Write the steps of your squid dissection in your lab book. Draw a sketch of how your squid looked with labels of the squid parts.


April 18, 2018

In Class:

We had a lecture on Shrimp, Krill, Barnacles, Horseshoe Crabs, and Fish. We also looked at a real horseshoe crab.



-STUDY for final next week (mollusks, cephalopods, crustaceans, fish)

-Turn in lab books next week

-Finish Ocean Box and turn in next week


April 25, 2018

May 2, 2018