Quest for Education and Arts

Mary Boxx-Hampton


Director of outreach


mary Boxx-hampton

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Mary Boxx-Hampton brings a positive, creative, fun-loving spirit to Quest through the position of Director of Outreach.  Having worked in the restaurant, retail, and administrative industries, she has a wide variety of skills to help create a welcoming, friendly, understanding atmosphere for current and newly incoming families.  

Being the Director of Outreach requires a love of people, Quest, and Tucson. Mary not only has a deep love for all of these, but also a great love for the Lord and all things fun, shiny, and glittery.

Mary and her family have been greatly involved in the community of Tucson for many years by volunteering and serving at their church, Faith Community Academy, Tucson Comic Con, Tucson Meet Yourself, Pima County 4-H, several 5K’s, Quest for Education and Arts as well as other school events. She has combined her love of Tucson and children, with a positive, enthusiastic, imaginative look at life.

Mary and her husband Richard have four children. Their children have been involved in homeschooling, private and public schooling.