Quest for Education and Arts
Provides unique and experiential education opportunities through collaboration with community experts and use of emerging technology to offer the best possible training for every student.

Music Lessons

Welcome to the Quest Music Program page!

Each year we offer private, semi private and group/class lessons to students of all ages and abilities. We recruit the best possible teachers from Tucson and the surrounding areas to provide the highest quality instruction possible. 

We currently offer lessons in:

For Private Music Lessons please fill out our registration form.  It is on the last page of the form. 

This years Group/Class Lessons can be found on page 26 in the Class Catalog


Music Karate

As a fun incentive to help kids remember to practice and keep up with what they're learning, we have a program called Fine Arts Karate.  

To the right is a picture of the large matching banner we have. All participating students will have their name starting in the white section. As they progress, practice and learn their pieces of music, they will slowly move down the color banner. Once they get down to the black section, they earn a prize!