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New to Homeschooling

There are lots of GREAT resources available for newly homeschooling families. We've listed a few below, including the link for the Affidavit of Intent to Homeschool. If there is anything else you need, or think we should add, please let us know!

Affidavit for Intent to Homeschool - you must have this notarized and submitted to the County School Superintendent within 30 days of starting to homeschool your child. This must be done for all children between the ages of 6 - 16 years.

AFHE - Arizona Families for Home Education website has a great summary of the Arizona Homeschool Laws along with a lot of other helpful information.

Office of the Pima County School Superintendent - The website contains more information about homeschooling including homeschool support.

Arizona Department of Education - This website contains the list of graduation requirements for highschool students. 


  Recommended Course of Studies for those preparing for College

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