Quest for Education and Arts
Provides unique and experiential education opportunities through collaboration with community experts and use of emerging technology to offer the best possible training for every student.


Welcome to a new year of Quest classes!

This year we will be hosting an in-person orientation because we will be at a new location and because we have SO many new families joining us! There are two dates; Wednesday 8/30, Thursday 8/31 and Tuesday 9/5. Please make sure you scroll down when you go to sign up so you can see all the days and times.

However, we do still have the Orientation powerpoint for you to review before you arrive. In addition to the powerpoint, we will be emailing out the handbook for you to read through. You do not have to print it out (unless you want to)- just read through it and we will have the signature page available at orientation.

There is a lot of information for you to review so if you have any questions, please let us know!

What to expect at Orientation:

  1. We will review the major points of the handbook and answer any questions you may have.
  2. You will receive your students schedules any textbooks you rented.
  3. Emergency & liability paperwork will be turned in/filled out. You can print and fill them out ahead of time if you are able or we will have copies available.
  4. Learn about the options for donations along with fundraising opportunities.
  5. You can tour the facility and familiarize yourself with the property before the Back to School Night event on September 8th.

Other Notes:

  • To the right is the Demographic Survey. If you could please fill it out and turn it in, we would be extremely grateful! It can absolutely be anonymous but this information will help us to apply for grants and get funding to help Quest continue! We will have printed copies for you if you are unable to print them.
  • The Private Lesson contract only needs to be filled out if you or your children are taking private lessons.
  • Copies of all of these items will be available at Orientation if you are unable to do so at home.

Please plan to come to Back to School Night! Friday, September 8th from 5:30-9pm. We are so excited to see you all!