Quest for Education and Arts

Our Team





Becky Thai - President 

Becky can answer any questions but mostly questions about the variation and forward progress of the organization. She can also answer anything historical and she knows all achievements. She basically knows everything and is amazing!!

Ginger Maghran - Student Services 

Anything student related including student life, student council, college admissions, tours, new enrollments and class related questions.

Susan Macaborski - Financial Services 

All financial questions regarding payments, reimbursements and donations. Susan handles all of our money questions. Also Az Tax Credit questions.

Meghan Eastep - Executive Assistant 

General questions along with some financial questions. Meghan is new and learning but she can answer basic questions and find answers for other questions. 

Devynn Brankel - Administrative Assistant 

General questions along with supplies and procurement questions. Devynn is also new and learning but she can answer basic questions and find answers for other questions.

Leigh Elkins - Moodle Magician

Leigh handles all of our Moodle questions and is our resident software tester. She can handle anything Moodle related. She is also test piloting the new software IClassPro. 


Kristin Douglas - Website & Technology Guru

You are amazing and I am 100% thrilled with your work on the site!!! 

JP Glam.jpg

Jennifer Paolini - Business

I can answer or find answers to all questions. My job is to move us forward with Becky’s vision, implement policy and procedure, hire for new positions, and find outside funding, revamp communication, and build brand recognition. I wear many hats. 


Quest has a core team of over 60 volunteers, specially trained as either leaders or side walkers. For each child, two volunteers are needed to either lead the horse, or act as a side walker. Volunteers also assist with grooming, tacking up, cleaning up and barn chores. We rely on our volunteers and we utilize volunteers for at least 238 hours a week. Volunteers are asked to volunteer a minimum of 2 1/2 hours per day on a set schedule. Volunteers range in age from 12 to 80 years old and we train them for the job. Volunteers form friendships with the children and their families, which is one of the most rewarding things about volunteering at Quest! Thanks to our volunteers, Quest saves nearly $275,000 per year in staff costs. If you are interested in volunteering at Quest, please email or use the button below to complete a volunteer application. Volunteers are always welcomed!