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Biology Taught in Public School

Written by Jana Molinari

The Evolutionist’s worldview of Biology should not be the only perspective taught in the public school system. Although it is thought by some, that Evolution has been scientifically proven, it is, in fact, a theory. There is no direct, observable experiment that can be performed in order to prove the evolutionary model of the past. It is only an opinion of how the world was created and how it functions. Since the theory of evolution is accepted in public schools, all considerable theories including Creation should also be available to students in the public school system. All theories should be respected and should never be banned or excluded from any public learning systems.

There is a huge variety of students with different beliefs that attend public schools. Many students in public school believe in a 6 day Creation. However, they may not be able to afford a Christian private school in order to learn according to their beliefs. Many other students may believe something different and should have full access to all ideas and information.

This country was founded by Christians so that they could freely worship and learn about God. The very first public schools in America taught a 6 Day Creation foundation for every subject. Today’s schools should be no different and should not eliminate the religion that this country was founded on.

The theory of Creation is not just a worldview for how this universe was created or how it works. It is also a fundamental basis for morality and shows us the purpose for our existence. Creation teaches that when God created us, He provided us with the Bible, which contains righteous laws to follow so that we can live peaceful lives and glorify Him with ourselves.

If students in the public systems are concealed from these truths, how can this world and our future generations have ethical foundations for how to live? As a country, we should not withhold our students from learning and understanding all possible reasons for how and why this world was created. This will allow each individual to choose what they believe as truth. Our Founding Fathers established this country so that we could experience religious freedom, not to be forced into learning only one theory suggested by man’s beliefs alone.