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Road Trip USA

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Optional Brain Builders:

  • Print out the Western States Reading Sheets for TX, OK, NM, and AZ.  Read them and add them to your notebook.

Optional Brain Builders:

  • Print out States and Capitals Bingo (attached) and play it with a friend or family member.  It's a great way to practice!
  • All by your lonesome?!?  Try playing this States and Capitals game: ABCya Bingo

Optional Brain Builders:

Optional Brain Builders:

Optional Brain Builders:

  • Attend the Science Fair and tell me about an exhibit that was interesting to you. (10 points)
  • Study a kids atlas.  Read about the Northeastern states that we have studied thus far.  Become an "expert!"

Optional Brain Builders:

  • We have learned all of the presidents in order using goofy pictures and stories.  Our current president, Donald Trump does not have a picture.  Create a funny picture that would help you remember Donald Trump.  Remember, try to link it with Obama's picture -- a lamb crying out "Oh BAAAAA Ma!"
  • Watch Veggie Tales - Erie Canal
  • Watch How Do Canals Work?

Optional Brain Builders:

Homework due 5/1

**The "Older Kids" will be needing some quiet testing time.  Our class will start at 10:10 and I will wrap up with the younger kids at 11:00.  I will then have the Notebook check and map test with the "Older Kids" from 11:00 until they finish.  

  1. Print out the reading sheets for OR, NV, CA, HI, and AK.  Read them, complete the comprehension sheets and add them to your notebook.
  2. Older kids:  Complete your state poster and bring it with you to class.  Your poster must be on a poster board so that we can all see your marvelous work.  Please include 5 things/pictures about your state on your poster.  Be ready to present your masterpiece to the class and tell us some interesting facts about your state.
  3. Older kids:  We will have a notebook check.  Have your notebook organized and ready for me to look at.  Remember... things that we learned early on in the year should be at the front of the notebook, and things that we were just learning this week should be at the back of the notebook.
  4. Older kids:  "Map Test"  Be ready to fill in a blank map with the names of the state names.  You will get one point for identifying the state correctly and one point for spelling the name correctly (100 points)

Optional Brain Builder:  "Older Kids" you will receive an extra point for every state capitol that you can identify on your Map Test.

Homework Due 4/24

  1. Print out Reading sheets for MT, WY, CO, UT, ID, and WA.  Read them on your own or with a helper and add them to your notebook.
  2. Older Kids:  Be working on your state poster.  You must have at least 5 facts about the state that you have selected and 5 pictures.  Do a quality job!  You will be sharing this with the class during our last class on 5/1. (50 points)
  3. Older Kids:  Be practicing identifying the states on a map.  ON 5/1, you will be completing a "Show Me What You Know."  You will be writing all of the states names on a map.  You will get one point for identifying it correctly and one point for spelling it correctly.  (100 points)
  4. Older Kids:  Notebook check.  Please make sure that your printable sheets have been printed and are added to your notebook.  Beginning of the year activities (US Symbols, The Constitution, and Presidents) should be at the front of the notebook.  US States and Maps should be at the back.  (20 points)

** The Reading Sheets from Easter Week can be found in Blue Boxes if you would like to print them.  However, since there was no homework the week of Easter, this is optional "Brain Builder" Work!

Homework due 4/17

Happy Easter!  No homework!

Homework due 4/10

** I know that this is a busy time of year and we are really having to truck through the 50 states at an amazing speed.  You might have spring fever, like our family.  Just do your best to do the weekly assignments each week.  The more you do, the more that you will learn.  But on those busy weeks, when you just don't quite get to everything, know that I understand.  I won't turn in to a grouchy teacher!  

  1. Print out and Read the State Reading pages for WI, MN, ND, SD, NE, and KS
  2. "Older Kids" - Remember you will need to write all 50 states where they belong on the map.  You will get one point for identifying the state correctly and one point for spelling the name of the state correctly.  Start practicing now!  You will show me what you know on 5/3. 

Dum-Dum Question:

Which state produces more wheat than any other state in the United States?

Homework due 4/3

  1. Print out the reading sheets for IN, IL, IA, and MO and add them to your notebook.  Read them independently or with an adult that can help you.  "Older Kids," complete the comprehension pages and add them to your notebook.
  2. Keep practicing the 50 States Practice Game.  If you are getting really good at the beginners level, try one of the more challenging levels here:  50 States Games
  3. Make sure that all your pages from Yellow Boxes are printed and put in order in your notebook.  We will have a notebook check in a couple of weeks. (20 points)

** EVERYONE:  Your final project will be to create a poster about one of the states that we have learned about this year.  It will be on display at the Fine Arts Festival.  Be thinking about a state that you would like to research and present.  I will show you an example of what a "quality poster" would look like in the days to come. You will present your poster in a "State Celebration" on the last day of class!  (100 points)

** Last weeks reading sheets were itty bitty, for some reason.  Here is a larger version, if you would like to reprint them:  OH, MI, AR, AL and Florida Reading Sheets

Dum-Dum Question:

What is the name of the tallest building in the United States?

Hint:  It used to be called the Sears Tower and is located in Chicago, IL.

Homework due 3/27

  1. Print out the reading sheets for FL, AL, AR, OH, and MI.  Read them by yourself or with a parent.  Older kids, complete the comprehension page.
  2. Print out the Southern States Map (younger kids) or Southern States Map (older kids). Color each state a different color.  Color the oceans, rivers, and large bodies of water blue.  "Older Kids" label each of the states with their state name.  
  3. EVERYONE:  Practice the matching the states with their state names.  Play the States Matching Game
  4. "Older Kids":  Practice matching the states with their capitals.  Play the Capitals Matching Game

Dum-Dum Question:

What is the name of the one Great Lake that does not touch the state of Michigan?

Homework due 3/20

  1. Print out the Reading/Comprehension sheets for WV, MS, and FL.  Older kids, complete the second comprehension page.  Add the pages to your states notebook.

SPRING BREAK... SO NO OTHER HOMEWORK!  Get outside... run and play... build a Lego creation... explore!

Homework due 3/13

  1. Print out and read the reading sheets for LANC, TN, and KY.  Add them to your notebook.  "Older kids", answer the comprehension questions (p. 2) of the printables.
  2. Play 50 States Matching Game - If you are getting good at identifying the states on the map, then move on to the challenge of Level 2!
  3. Here are the videos that we tried to watch in class... maybe the internet will work better at your house!  

TN - The Wabash Cannonball - The Grand Ole Opry

KY - The Kentucky Derby

Dum-Dum Question:

What cave system, found in Kentucky, is the world's longest cave system?

Homework due 3/6

  1. Print out and read the State Reading Sheets for SC, VA, and GA.  "Older kids" complete the comprehension questions (page 2 of the printouts).  Add to your binder.
  2. Practice Learning finding each of the states on a map.  Play 50 States Matching Game a couple of times this week.
  3. Want to watch  Peg Leg Bates dance?  Be inspired!  He took a pretty difficult situation and made something truly extraordinary from it.  


Dum-Dum Question:

Name one president (not George Washington) that was from Virginia.

Homework due 2/27


1.  Practice identifying the Northeastern States on a map.  

  • For fun, play USA States Practice.  This will guide you through all of the states, but it will give you some great practice.  Don't forget to read the "State Information" on the left hand side of the screen.  It is packed with great information!
  • Hang a map.  See if you can say the names of the northeastern states without looking at their names.
  • OLDER KIDS:  Use the map that we worked on in class to help quiz you on the Northeastern States.  You will be matching the states with their names on 2/27, so take a little time to study every day!

2. Read the State pages for: NY, RI, VT, NH, and ME. Color the state on the reading page.  Add a star to the state and add the name of the State Capital.  OLDER KIDS:  Complete the reading comprehension questions.  Add these pages to your notebook.

Dum-Dum Question:

Which state is home to the Brooklyn Bridge?

Homework due 2/13

  1. Finish coloring the "Northeast Map" (found in your notebook.  Color and add the names of the remaining states Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.  Color the dotted areas blue.  Some are oceans and some are lakes... but they are all bodies of water.
  2. Read the facts pages on New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and New York. Add them to your notebook.  Older kids, complete the included comprehension pages and add them to your notebook.
  3. Keep practicing ALL 45 presidents in order.  Older kids:  You will need toshare all 45 presidents with me on 2/13.  Can you do it?!?  Yes, you can!  Younger kids:  Keep practicing!  I would love to hear how many presidents you know by heart next week.

Dum-Dum Question:

What is one of the longest of the great American canals built in the 19th Century?  (Hint: it extends from the Hudson River to Lake Erie, at Buffalo.)

Homework due 2/6

  1. Print out and read the reading sheets on Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland.  Color the state any color.  Add a star with the name of the state capital.  Add the reading sheets/question pages to your notebook in order of their statehood:  Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland.  
  2. Keep practicing your Presidents.  Older kids, you will need to tell me all 45 presidents by February 27th.  You can do this!  You amaze me!  Younger kids:  You can use pictures to help you tell me the presidents.  Or, if you have things that you have been using at home to help you, bring them with you..

** Remember Georgia was the 4th state, but it is not a part of the northeastern states.  We'll add it to the binder later.

Dum-Dum Question:

Which two states share the mountain laurel as their state flower?

Homework due 1/30

  1. Print out the Reading Sheets for PA, DE, and NJ 
  2. "Older Kids" - Complete the comprehension questions that are attached with the reading sheets.  Add them to your binder.
  3. Continue practicing the presidents.  Older kids, you will need to share presidents one through thirty next week... without looking!  Can you do it?!?  Yes you can!  You can sing them, chant them, or use the picture clues (from last week) to help you!
  4. Here is the Ruffed Grouse Drumming that we couldn't hear in class.  Birds are funny!  

Dum-Dum Question:

What city (found in Pennsylvania) is considered the chocolate capital of the world?

Homework due 1/30

  1. Print out and read "Motion in a Circle" Reading Sheet (attached)
  2. We will be making circumference cookies next week.  If there are any food allergies that I should be aware of, please contact me ASAP.

Dum-Dum Question:

Where is the oldest American merry-go-round and what year was it built?

Due 1/23

  1. Practice the US Presidents #1-30.  You can sing them or use the picture clues from last week to help you practice.  Keep up the great work.
  2. Color the US Landmarks map (from last week).  Add it to your binder.
  • Trace the Mississippi River in blue.
  • Color each of the mountain ranges purple.
  • Color the oceans (polka dots) blue.

Dum-Dum Question:

Which four presidents were ALL born in Norfolk County, Massachusetts?

Homework due 1/16

  1. Watch Exploring Landforms and Bodies of Water for Kids
  2. Practice memorizing Presidents #1-#25.  Use the printables picture cues to help you.
  3. EVERYONE:  Get ready to tell me the first 20 presidents in order.  PreK-2:  You can use the pictures clues to help you.  3-4th graders:  You need to tell me the presidents in order, from memory.  Can you do it?!?  Yes!  You can!  

** If you already told me the first 20 presidents, you don't need to do it again!  You amaze me!


  1. Print out the "Name the State"sheet  
  2. K-2 Print out the Northeast States Labeled sheet 
  3. 3-5th Print out the Northeast States Labeling Sheet
  4. Print out the US Land Features Map

** Add the printables to your notebook and bring it with you to class.

** Make sure to come with your colored pencils and pencils.  Come with your supplies each week.  

Dum-Dum Question: 

What National Park was formed when rain and snow filled the basin that was left behind by a volcano?  Hint:  It is found in Oregon.

Homework due 12/12

No homework this week!

Come ready to write our RoadTrip USA Constitution next week.  

Homework due 12/5

  1. 9-12 Year olds:  Print out and read the Branches of Government Reading Sheet. Answer the questions and add it to your notebook.
  2. 9-12 Year olds:  Watch Ted-Ed Branches of Government
  3. Practice memorizing the first 10 presidents.  Use the "First 10 Presidents Practice to help you.  You will need to have them ready to share with me on December 12th.  (20 points)

Dum-Dum Question:

What are the names of the two senators that represent the state of Arizona in the Senate?

Homework Due 11/28

Remember... no class next week!

Happy Thanksgiving!

No homework this week!  Enjoy time with your family celebrating the bountiful blessings that God has poured out upon your family.  

Dum-Dum Question:

Which president gave the Executive Mansion the name "White House?"

RoadTrip USA Homework due 11/14

  1. Take your flag home and add 50 stars to it.  These stars can be stickers, small star cut outs, even buttons... make the flag your own.  Bring it back next week so that we can admire your Old Glory.
  2. 8-12 year olds:  Print out and read the White House Reading Sheet 
  3. EVERYONE:  Print out the White House Web and bring it with you to class next week.

Dum-Dum Question:

What is the street address for the home where our President lives?

Homework due 11/7

  1. We are going to finish painting our flag projects next week, so make sure that you do not wear a special outfit when you come to class.  Even the most careful of painters sometimes get paint on them.
  2. 9-12 Year Olds:  Print out and Read "Flag Reading Sheet".  Answer the questions at the bottom of the page and add it to your notebook.
  3. EVERYONE:  Print out "Flag Facts."  Read it and add it to your notebook.

Dum-Dum Question:

What is one way that we can show respect to our flag?

Homework due 10/31

  1. Watch The History of the Star Spangled Banner for Kids and Our Beautiful American Flag and the Meaning of the Stars and Stripes
  2. Learn the Pledge of Allegiance (from last week's printables).  Make sure to learn what these words mean:  pledge, allegiance, republic, nation, indivisible, liberty, and justice.
  3. Print out Hoorah for the USA.  Color the flag and add the page to your binder.

Dum-Dum Question:

Before it was named "The Star Spangled Banner,"  our national anthem was known by what title?  

RoadTrip USA Homework due 10/24

  1. Read The Washington Monument, The Lincoln Memorial and Mount Rushmore.  Answer the questions and add the reading sheets to your notebooks.  
  2. EVERYONE:  Practice memorizing the "Pledge of Allegiance" 
  3. Please bring a glue stick and scissors with you to class next week.


Please print page 2 and 3 of the Pledge of Allegiance printable and bring it with you to class.

Dum-Dum Question:

What is an expert on flags and their history called?

Homework due 10/3

  1.   Watch The Statue of Liberty for Kids
  2. 8-12 year olds (Extra Credit for younger kiddos):    Write a paragraph about the Statue of Liberty.  Paragraphs should have a topic sentence, several sentences telling about or describing the Statue, and a closing sentence. (20 points)    
  3. Practice memorizing "America the Beautiful" by Katharine Lee Bates.
  • 4, 5 & 6 year olds - 1st stanza
  • 7 & 8 year olds - 1st and 2nd stanza
  • 9, 10,  11, and 12 year olds - ALL 4 stanzas

You will have the opportunity to recite the poem to me on October 10th and October 17th.  They will be worth 20 points.  Go to the Blue Boxes for a link to a song with the 

October 10 Recitations:
4-7 year olds
October 17 Recitations:
8-12 year olds

** Presentations will be given privately with the teacher/TA after class.    

Dum-Dum Question:

What is the title of the poem that is found on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty?

Practice memorizing "America the Beautiful" by Katharine Lee Bates.  You will recite your poem to me either on Oct. 10 or Oct. 17th.  Look for a schedule on Oct. 3rd.

  1. Watch Brain POP - United States Symbols
  2. 8-12 year olds:  Read The Statue of LIberty and Liberty Reading sheets.  Answer the questions on the bottom of the page.  (printables from last week)
  3. 4 - 8  year olds: Print out the Statue of Liberty page.  Read it with an adult.
  4. Practice memorizing "American the Beautiful" by Katharine Lee Bates. You will recite your poem to me (just me and you) either on Oct. 10 or Oct. 17th.  I will give the schedule on when you will present on Oct. 3rd.  Start practicing now!   
  • 4, 5, & 6 year olds - Memorize the 1st verse
  • 7 & 8 year olds - Memorize the 1st and 2nd verse
  • 9, 10, 11, & 12 year olds - Memorize the ALL 4 verses

Dum-Dum Question:

How many different national monuments are there in Washington D.C.?

Can you write the name of one?

Monday, September 12

  • If you are not done with your "Symbols of Me Flag" (from class), finish coloring it.  Make it beautiful!  Three hole punch it and put it in your binder.  It will be the first thing in your notebook.  

  • Be thinking about one thing that you would like to learn about Symbols, Monuments, and Memorials.  Some examples of these places would be The Lincoln Memorial, The Statue of Liberty, Mt. Rushmore, The Liberty Bell, The White House.      

  • 7, 8, and 9 year olds:  Print the Statue of Liberty printables and the Liberty Bell printables. You do not have to read them (but you can if you want).  Hole punch them and add them to your binder.  We will work on them in class next week.

  • Dum-Dum Question:

    ** On a 3x5 card, write your name on one side of the card.  On the other side, write the answer to the question.  

    What is one thing that you know about the United States Symbols, Monuments, and Memorials?