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Tap II

4/ 10/ 17

No homework / practice this week.   Hope you all have a blessed and HAPPY EASTER!  

4/ 5/ 17

keep stretching and practicing the choreography!  we are in the home stretch :-)   I should know soon which nights each class will perform.  TBA soon  Thanks for coming to class consistently! 

Tap 2:


3/ 20 / 17

enjoy this amazing dance!  so inspiring :)

week of March 13th:

Please continue practicing the choreography as well as stretching and conditioning.   updated videos will be posted soon :)   Costumes will be handed out soon.   Please keep these in a safe place and do not wear them before the week of the show.   Keep all tights and accessories with the costume so they won't get lost.

Week of Feb 27

Week of Feb 20:

hello students and parents,

I plan on posting the choreography (for the show) next week so you'll have it before the break. In the meantime, please choose an assignment from the past to practice.   The ballet ones are great as well as the stretching / conditioning which is always very beneficial.   The students have been progressing nicely, keep up the great work! 

 I'm sorry I was not able to post anything on yellow box last week.  I have been overwhelmed with many things including very difficult family problems (not in my household.  Karl, Preston, and myself are blessed w/ good health, happiness, and peace!  but prayers are appreciated for some other close family members struggling with illnesses, anger/ rage, alcoholism, and being homeless.  very stressful to me, and sad that there is nothing I can do to help).

Week of Jan 23rd:

Please learn this fun new time step!

Hello tap dancers

I discovered a great tap tutorial today that I would like you all to watch.  Even my more advanced students will benefit from an occasional detailed review of important tap techniques.   This one is only 8 minutes long.  

 Parents of young students: it is very helpful if you also gain some knowledge of proper technique so you can make sure your kids are practicing the proper way.   Have fun!

Week of Jan 16th:

Please continue to work on the choreography from last week.   I want to be sure all (or most) students are up to speed before I move forward with the next section of choreography.   Keep stretching and conditioning your body too.     Remember, even if you only have 10 minutes once or twice a week to practice, this is better than nothing.   Little chunks of time can add up and help you improve.  

Video to watch

Tap 2 (including 2/3 kids): week of Dec. 5

Please practice: 1. maxi ford turns (step, shuffle jump toe, hop) w/ spotting.  2.  "counting stars" dance

week of Nov. 28. 

 Holly Jolly Christmas part 1.  (tap 3 will perform this on Dec 16th

week of Nov. 14th:

A big part of growing as a dancer and/or acrobat includes observing professionals and highly trained athletes and artists in performance.   I highly recommend "Spirit of Christmas" for my students and their families.   see the links below for more info and tickets.  (tickets are selling fast, so you may want to reserve yours very soon!).  

If you are participating in the "Quest Fine Arts Karate" (not actual karate!  see my previous email and yellow box description of this), you will receive extra credit (your next belt color) if you bring me your ticket stub and 1 paragraph describing the show and your thoughts / critique of it.   You may also do this for other shows like The Nutcracker etc, if pre-approved by me.   (Many of them are not really professional quality).   Or, you can watch a movie like "White Christmas" that has profession quality dancing and write 1 paragraph about it.   

Spirit of Christmas, a Tucson tradition, is a heartfelt and inspirational holiday celebration featuring over 100 dancers and singers. Part Nutcracker, part Santa/Frosty and an intentional embrace of the spirituality behind the season, Spirit of Christmas is a family show for all ages. Come and enjoy a Tucson “Broadway show” favorite!

week of Nov. 7

ALL acro students and dancers (yes, tap students too!) will GREATLY benefit from ballet training.   You will gain core strength, leg/ foot/ ankle strength, balance, posture, flexibility, and the ability to move and spin gracefully, etc.    Do these exercises at least once a week.   Alternate between the 4 youtube videos I have shared so far this year (ballet, Pilates / Yoga, and core strengthening).   Here is another great one....

(boys: I will keep looking for a good youtube link w/ a male ballet teacher for beginners.   In the meantime, use the ones I have posted w/ female teachers). 

Also, if you are interested in participating in the Karate practice system, let me know this week!  Each week, students can show me what they practiced from the yellow box assignments and they will work their way through the belt colors.   This is a fun way to motivate kids to practice!   

Week of Oct. 31:

week of Oct. 24:

tip: to make it less confusing, I like to practice / learn routines by watching in the reflection of a mirror.   This way you can just mirror the movement, instead of reversing.   (He starts w/ his right foot, and so should you).   If you don't have a laptop to move in front of a mirror, you can record this on a phone and then use a bathroom mirror for example.   I hope this makes sense.   have fun!

week of Oct. 17th:

Please watch this for inspiration and enjoyment!  Also, continue w/ your exercises from previous postings.   Also, tap 3 class needs to practice "Good Morning".

week of Oct 3rd

Ballet provides a great foundation for gymnastics and almost all dance forms!   Dance and Acro students: Practice these ballet barre exercises at home to improve your strength, flexibility, and grace.   You can use the back of a chair, or counter top to hold for balance.     I recommend doing these exercises at least once a week.  

(Tap students are also encouraged but not required to do this.  Ballet will improve your turns and posture etc).

Week of Sept. 26:  

Play your favorite music and enjoy getting strong and flexible w/ these great PiYo exercises:

September 19th-21st

Please think about and jot down at least 1 goal you would like to achieve this year in your dance or acro class(es).   Please turn in this paper, or be prepared to tell me verbally by the first week of October.  :-) 

Students / Parents: please use this link to learn and practice exercises for strengthening the core.   Core strength is very important to keep dancers / athletes safe, as well as to greatly improve performance.   I recommend doing these exercises at least 2-3 times per week.  Be sure to use music to make it more enjoyable!

Parents of younger dancers (age 6 and under), use your discretion as to whether your child is ready for the exercises.