Quest for Education and Arts



The following testimonials are from current and past families and teachers that have enjoyed and invested in Quest for Education and Arts.


Whenever anyone asks me, often with incredulous wonder, "How did you manage to successfully homeschool your son through high school?". My sincere and grateful response is, "God and Becky Thai (QUEST).

~The MacDonald Family~


Quest was really an answer to prayer for our family. Our daughter was in a science co-op in tenth grade. None of the moms leading the science study were interested in teaching Chemistry the following year. There was no one in our homeschool community currently teaching high school Chemistry, so we began to pray for God to provide. Well, provide He did! Shortly after, Becky Thai announced that she would be teaching a college bound Chemistry class. We were certainly on board with that. Our daughter did well and wanted to take it to the next level. Again, God laid it on Becky's heart to add a Physics class. Our daughter found a love of God centered Science through these classes, became a TA the following year and took science classes at Pima College. We will always be grateful that God enhanced our daughter's learning through Quest!

~Pam & George Boone~


With a post-graduate degree in education and a medical degree between us, we have very specific standards for the education of our own children. After trying one highly esteemed private school in town, and rigorously researching all the other traditional school options, we realized our desire for solid academic content in place of mindless busywork would be hard to find. Quest for Education and Arts has exceeded our expectations for the 4th year in a row! Our kids are challenged to think critically about the world God has created in multiple disciplines from science to music and art. The sky is the limit to what Quest can offer our community given the necessary resources!

~Lindsay Bangert~


Thank you for the opportunity to testify to the work God is doing through QUEST! We are a family of 10, who at a time when our older sons were high school age, needed help teaching upper level sciences, in particular.

We are so blessed by the excellent, rigorous, and biblically based classes they received, and all at a cost we could afford. Our boys first years at QUEST, affected us so greatly that after a time,I was led to give back to QUEST by teaching others' children in Marine Biology and Zoology.

God is working great things through this amazing program.

~Michelle McKenna~