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Did you know that our events like Fall Gala are not only fundraisers but, also are huge opportunities for community outreach?  Do you have an interest in the positive influence Quest desires to have within our community? Are you gifted in hospitality?    We are looking for people who have willing hearts to serve in some way for one or more of these outreach events. Would you be willing to join the Quest hospitality team? We really need the help of individuals and families to ensure these events run smoothly and are a blessing for those attending.

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Set up and Clean up volunteers is NOT a thankless job at Quest. We so appreciate having people step up ahead of time and commit to helping in these two ways.


Many hands make for light work and getting in and out quickly. We have many tasks big and small so even if you can only help for a short time, we would so appreciate knowing ahead of time. This truly is a blessing to those of us who are directing these events: Becky Thai, Erin Robson, Sarah Molinari, Angelica Ewing, Mary Boxx-Hampton, Ginger Mahgran etc.

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We need servers who are gifted in hospitality and enjoy people. You are the face of Quest and will be in front of the masses serving and restocking food as needed.We would especially love to have Quest Alumni if possible for these positions but, we will gladly take all willing volunteer.  If you enjoy people and have a welcoming personality please consider helping in this area.


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We are looking for a few people who would be willing to make 50-100 servings of a single dessert 1- 3 times a year using one of your own amazing recipes or use one of Sarah Molinari's.  The best part about it is that you can turn in your receipts for the ingredients so it wont cost you anything except a little bit of your time.

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There are many other volunteer opportunities specific events (Winter formal Chaperones, Registration table for science Fair, Teachers for Creation Celebration, etc.).  If you don't see somewhere you fit in above, check out each of the individual events listed below or email us if you don't see what you are looking for.  There are volunteer opportunities for Everyone.  Please prayerfully consider serving.  We will be grateful for a commitment of 1-2 hours as well as a whole day.


You can click on any of the links to the specific events above, or email