Quest for Education and Arts

What We Do

What We Do


"whatever you have learned or heard from me, or seen in me - put it into practice. and the God of peace will be with you."

-philippians 4:9-

Our Motto

To God Be the Glory

Our Mission

To provide unique and experiential educational opportunities utilizing community experts and specialists and emerging technology to offer the best possible training with a faith based foundation for every student in our educational program.

Our Vision

We aspire to create a love for learning that grows and serves the student for a lifetime.

Our Philosophy

Education must be enjoyed so that it is remembered and becomes an integral part of who the student is. Fun Theory, the art of learning through entertaining, hands on experiences framed in biblical principles, provides the best possible opportunities for discovering truth, long term retention and useful application of knowledge.

What We Do

At Quest, our primary goal is to provide supplementary educational classes to help support and complement the education children receive at home or through other schooling. Classes range from the core subjects; like science and math, to electives; like photography and dance and include everything in between. To learn more about how we strive to complement your home schooling effort please read "How Quest Functions as a Home School Support Entity".

In addition to classes, we also organize and manage the annual Home School Science Fair every February. We are now coming upon our seventh fair and it grows every single year.

As a team, we strive to provide the highest quality experiences for everyone involved. If you have questions or need for information about anything we do- please contact us! We are always happy to help in any way possible.

What We've Achieved

  • Creation of the Gamma Omicron chapter of the Eta Sigma Alpha National Home School Honor Society. In the past two years, we have inducted ten members.

  • We started with 2-3 classes year and now organize more than 80 classes per year.

  • We host and coordinate AHSEF, the Arizona Home School Science and Engineering Fair (formerly the CHET NW Homeschool Science Fair). The first year we had about 50 projects. Going into our eighth year we now see more than 100.

  • From our science fair students have gone on to participate in regional, state, national and international science fairs. Over the years, we have sponsored three ISEF participants, many Broadcom nominees and three Broadcom semifinalists.

  • While participating in the Tucson Pumpkin Toss competition we won 1st Place in the Onager Division (2011), 1st Place Middle School Onager (2012), and 1st Place Open Division (2013).

  • Creation and implementation of the biannual Creation Celebration event. This is the only vacation-bible-school-style event to educate kids and adults about creation science with nationally recognized educators.

  • Established the Wesley Bioldeau Scholarship Prize for graduating home school seniors. Students receiving this prize win between $500-$1000 towards their college career.